PHOTOS: Rurangaranga Death Unites UPC Factions

Rurangaranga's body leaving Uganda House

The death of Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) National Chairman, Maj. Edward Rurangaranga might be seen as a unifying factor of the different conflicting factions within the party.

Ever since the overthrow of the Party President, Dr. Olara Ottunu by a Jimmy Akena-led group in 2015, the two groups have always been fighting each other.

The two groups have, however, been seen holding preparatory meetings for a peaceful send-off of the party elder, even shaking hands while paying tribute to the late at the party Headquarters.

In the preparatory meeting held at Uganda House, the Ottunu group was represented by Joseph Bossa, the Milton Obote Foundation was represented by Prof. Patrick Rubayihayo while the Akena administration was led by Jimmy Akena himself, Secretary General, Fred Ebil, Michael Osinde, and Lawrence Okae among others.

While paying tribute to the late, one of the party elders, Mzee Yona Kanyomozi appealed to the two groups to bury their egos and move toward building the party to form a formidable force that can outsit the ruling government.

Whether this gesture will turn up into a concrete reconciliation for the smooth running of the party is still question lingering in the minds of the dear members of the party.

Speaking to Akena administration spokesperson, Michael Osinde Orach, he noted that the group is committed to dialogue to ensure that the grievances are settled following the call by many party members.

“The late was one person who cherished unity; his death has brought us together and we are going to take it forward. We have resolved and we are going to have a meeting immediately after his burial with all the factions,” Osinde said.

He added that Prof. Rubayihayo will be leading the reconciliation team to chat a way forward in the interest of the party.

“People that have taken long without hugging and greeting each other have today met which is a good step that if we strategically plan for it, UPC can come back setting apart all the differences,” Osinde noted.

On the other hand, the spokesperson under Ottunu faction, Lucima Okello noted that the differences in UPC should not be brown out of proportion: “We have differences but in the largest scheme of things, we are all members of one party.”

“In our own ways, we all have the party at heart and it is not surprising to see everybody whatever UPC stripes coming to pay respect to Maj. Rurangaranga an icon of the party,” he said.

“Surely I don’t think it needs a special commission; we must continue to deepen the contacts we have been having among ourselves so that we can arrive at the same position to see that what has been going on for the couple of years is solved.”

Akena shares a light moment with Okello Lucima

Akena shares a light moment with Lucima Okello

Akena shares a moment with his former personal assistant, Denis Adim Enap

Akena chats with former personal assistant, Denis Adim

Maama Miria Kalule Obote

Mama Miria Obote at Uganda House for the vigil

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