PHOTOS: Police Seal off Constitutional Square, MP Mbidde Arrested


Plain-clothed police officers have this morning sealed off the Constitutional Square in Kampala, refusing anyone who wanted to access the square or use the path way nearby from doing so.

The action comes as the Democratic Party leaders mobilized members to march to the square in protest of what they called tampering with Article 102 of the Constitution to allow for the lifting of the age limit.

Police also cordoned of the DP headquarters a few meters away from the Constitutional Square.

Party vice president Mukasa Mbidde was holding a press conference ahead of the march. Mbidde was later arrested and whisked off to the Central Police Station, sparking off fist fights between DP youths and the police.

Last evening the DP issued a statement calling on members of the public to come in large numbers to show solidarity against the move to remove age limits.

The campaign dubbed K’ogikwaatako (we dare you to touch it) was launched last month.20623817_1496701773723932_1873941954_n 20624232_1496702707057172_1326685949_n 20631454_1496702483723861_1839162871_n 20631579_1496701260390650_1282351902_n 20631583_1496680273726082_1227030458_n 20525632_1279729242136448_331243218982261655_n 20563039_1496683903725719_495256869_n 20614394_1496701387057304_630856649_n 20623778_1496702663723843_996194754_n




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