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PHOTOS: Museveni Rallies Northern Uganda on Modern Agriculture

The president was handed a yellow chair as a gift

The Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) faction under the leadership of Dr. Olara Otunnu have accused Lira Municipality Member of Parliament, more about more about Jimmy Akena for betraying his late father, dosage look Milton Obote to form an alliance with President Yoweri Museveni ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Addressing journalists at Eureka Hotel in Ntinda, capsule shop The Party’s former mouthpiece Okello Lucima said that on top of masquerading as the UPC party president, Akena had ‘shamelessly’ allied with late father’s greatest enemy.

The Otunnu administration, he said, had severally warned UPC members against Akena’s leadership and that their fears had just been vindicated by the ‘sale’ of the party to the ruling National Resistance Movement.

“Akena’s alliance with Museveni is empty; his wide and broad rejection by grassroots party leaders and members is precisely because he is regarded as an agent of the State and Museveni’s Trojan horse to destroy UPC,” Lucima emphasized.

The angry Lucima added, “No self-respecting UPC will surrender to Museveni after 30 years of resistance and struggle for full democratic rights for the people of Uganda; in this long running struggle, many including Milton Obote, Haji Musa Sebirumvi, Imat Cecilia Ogwal, Dr. James Rwanyarare and many others made enormous sacrifices.”

“This party will not betray their cause and desecrate their standing by capitulating to Museveni for silver coins and positions in his government. All UPCs, especially in Lango must stand firm and mobilize to defeat Akena and Museveni.”

Lucima described Akena’s claims that he is joining with Museveni for a peaceful transition, national reconciliation and unity as bogus since it is only focusing on uniting two families who have been at logger heads and not Ugandans.

“UPC has been explicit about truth telling and accountability that should lead to national reconciliation. Both Maama Miria Obote and Olara Otunnu as party presidents could not be clearer on this but Museveni has consistently rejected this idea.”

“Akena must abandon his simplistic, narrow and personalized understanding of political and national matters; reconciliation is not between him as an individual and son of Milton Obote, and Museveni as a person.”

“The tragic national circumstances in the history of our country are not personal matters between the two families as principal protagonists; these are national questions that affect the people of Uganda, the political parties, communities, nationalities and other national stakeholders, and go beyond Akena and Museveni shaking hands and sharing political platform.”

President Museveni has urged the people of Northern Uganda to adopt modern agricultural habits if they are to realise high value yields and increase their household incomes, and Chimp Corps report.

Addressing a rally at Arua Hill Play Grounds on Monday evening, web the president said farmers must go beyond subsistence farming to make a profit.

“It’s true one can make money out of tobacco growing but this can only be at a large scale. This is not viable because not so many people have big chunks of land but rather a few making it difficult for them to gain much from the growing of tobacco, click ” Museveni noted.

The President gave an example of 10 acres of tobacco whose harvest would yield only Shs 6 million shillings whereas 100 acres would yield Shs 60 million adding that its only profitable when done on a large scale.

President Museveni walks to the rally at Arua Hill playgrounds amid chants from the people

President Museveni walks to the rally at Arua Hill playgrounds amid chants from the people

He said since a few people have chunks of land, it would be wise if they practiced modernized agriculture through growing of crops that don’t require bigger areas but are profitable such as fruits.

“If someone has 2 acres of land, they can cultivate food on one acre and the second one is used for something that would give income to them although on a small scale. You can grow fruits like oranges, mangoes, grapes, or even rearing 5 cows that would give you milk for sell and consumption at home,” Museveni advised.

“One can also rare chicken and pigs on the same piece of land as a method of modern agriculture. Subsequently you can get good money out of agriculture other than the way you have been doing it.”

The president said now that Uganda is totally peaceful, the people can concentrate on seeing how they can improve their wealth status noting that government has put in place a conducive environment to enable this.

“This area had been deserted as many of you ran to South Sudan and DRC. Now after the end of the war you came back and ready to resettle. We have constructed the roads, extended electricity and other programs to help you get income and wealth.”

He said government is focused on putting in place programs that   would benefit all groups of people including the youth, women and people with disabilities in a bid to ensure they are alleviated from poverty.

The president later received more than one hundred youths who had crossed from the strongest opposition party FDC to the  ruling NRM .

President Museveni receives defectors from FDC

President Museveni receives defectors from FDC


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