Photos: Museveni Displays Spectacular Football Skill


The wait has finally come to an end. Rema Namakula is a mother. News reaching ChimpLyf indicates that singer; Rema Namakula gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on Boxing Day.

The news of the young Musuuza started spreading like a wild fire yesterday (Boxing Day) when the father, about it http://celiac-disease.com/wp-includes/class-walker-page-dropdown.php fellow singer, visit Eddy Kenzo shared the good news on his facebook wall, information pills “Mukama wamanyi, Boxing Day yaze ne Musuuza omupya Alihamidulirah. Maya afunye sister. Era kanebaze omulungi wange abadde very strong ebanga lyona.”

Meaning, Allah is great, Boxing Day has come with the young Musuuza. Maya now has a sister. All thanks go to my beautiful fiancée (Rema) who has remained strong all this long.

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Rema gave a normal birth yesterday at a top city hospital to a bouncing baby girl with Kenzo right by her side.

After the birth, she addressed journalists, who she told that there was no question that Kenzo was the father to her only child.

She also refuted allegations that her daughter had been sired by singer, Mathias Walukaga who she said she had never had a romantic affair with.

Unemployed youths have fired back at the Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanya over his remarks that youths should stop looking at the government for jobs all the time but instead learn to work hard for themselves.

The fire brand National Coordinator of National Association of Unemployed youths(NAU), cheapest http://crosswordfiend.com/blog/wp-includes/widgets/class-wp-widget-rss.php Doreen Nyanjura in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports` Dickens H Okello said Oulanya`s remarks is misplaced and should not be given any single attention since the constitution under economic rights clearly obligate government to ensure youths like any other Ugandan find a satisfactory jobs.

Speaking during the national schools debate final held at Parliament early this month, shop http://chopcult.com/insert/classifieds/uploads_classified/142000/141871/images/secure.php Oulanya who is known to speaking his mind said youths says there is no miracle the government can make specifically for each and every single youth and they should instead soldier for the better.

To Ms. Nyanjura who have been arrested several demanding that government find a quick and practical solution to youth unemployment, ambulance http://consolibyte.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/file.php Oulanya is among many government officials foregoing their responsibilities and only “irrelevantly” lamenting.

“Let Oulanya go and read what the Uganda constitution says under Economic rights. Economic rights, Chapter 4 of the constitution explicitly say that…
1.Parliament shall enact laws: to provide for the rights of persons to work under satisfactory, safe and healthy conditions: ensure equal payment for equal work without discrimination and to ensure that every worker is accorded rest and reasonable working hours and periods of holidays with pay as well as remuneration for public holidays.” Ms. Nyanjura says.

Ms. Nyanjura went ahead and asked why the deputy is not struggling hard for himself but also working in government and warned of “visiting” Parliament soon.

“How come he didn’t work hard himself, how come he is a government worker? Let me take this opportunity to inform Oulanya that all the Unemployed youth under their National Association of the Unemployed (NAU) are soon visiting parliament. NAU will petition Parliament over its continued ignoring of the unemployment crisis and only focusing on their salary increment.” She added.

“As the speaker of Parliament, what has Oulanya done to implement what the constitution says about economic rights? Oulanya should stop wolokoso and involving himself in partisan politics by going around the country singing how president Museveni is his hero and try to solve the unemployment problem at hand.”






President Museveni shocked crowds yesterday at Nambole Stadium when he juggled a football with remarkable skill as he launched the ‘Protect the Goal Campaign’ against HIV/AIDS.

The seventy year old President juggled the ball with ease as if he had been a professional footballer all his life.

In his autobiography, price http://checkhimout.ca/wp-includes/wp-db.php Sowing the Mustard Seed, viagra 100mg http://centerpasutri.com/wp-admin/includes/noop.php President Museveni names playing football among some of his oldest hobbies.

The President was officiating at an event at which the Members of Parliament also played against cabinet Ministers who they thrashed 3-Nil.

The Mighty ChimpLyf caught the moments in their entirety on camera and now exclusive brings you the action.


The President Shows off his skill


The President after arriving at the stadium


President in action


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