PHOTOS: FDC Mounts Pressure on DRC Embassy

FDC youth led by Francis Mwijukye at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi on Monday (Photos: Kenneth Kazibwe)

Forum for Democratic Change have penned a petition to the DRC embassy in Kampala seeking the release of information about their detained Member Sam Mugumya.

They party youth wing had planned a march from their headquarters in Najjanankumbi to the embassy,  which was resisted by police.

Several armed policemen camped outside the party offices and vowed to foil the demo since it was not planned in consideration of the rightful procedures.

“We are here to keep law and order. We have intelligence that these people are planning to cause chaos on Entebbe road, which we cannot permit,” Kampala South RPC James Ruhweza told Chimpreports.

FDC spokesperson John Kikonyogo described this as “bogus intelligence” by police, noting that there were no planned riots by the youths.

Addressing a press conference ahead of the march, FDC president Gen Mugisha Muntu said they were seeking consulate services from the Congolese officials.

Police surrounding FDC headquarters in Kampala

Police surrounding FDC headquarters in Kampala

“We have written a letter which is being forwarded by the Secretary General to the Embassy, and copied to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Embassy in Kishansa,” he noted.

“We want to know the whereabouts of Sam Mugumya. We need first of all to have him accessible, by lawyers, the Red Cross, and ourselves. At this point we can’t tell whether he is in Beni, or Kinshasa or Kampala.”

According to UPDF officials, Mugumya is being held in Congo, for reportedly participating in rebel mobilization activities.

Army spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda was quoted in the media as assuring that Mugumya would be extradited in the course of last week.

The FDC youths also expressed concern that their colleague could be undergoing inhumane treatment flowing pictures of him held half naked, which were released last week by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo.

We are peacefully taking this document to the Congo embassy. All we want is information about Mugumya,” stressed FDC mobiliser Francis Mwijukye.

The youths are also planning a prayer meeting to be held at St Luke’s Church in Ntinda tomorrow Tuesday, “to pray for God’s protection of Sam Mugumya.”


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