PHOTOS: Desire Luzinda ‘V’ Pose Thrills Uganda

Exiled fugitive General David Sejusa has lashed at government for using the military to raid former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s residence in Kampala, nurse http://cgt06.fr/wp-includes/class-phpass.php Chimp Corps report.

The army in September withdrew military guards from Mbabazi’s plush home in the leafy suburb of Kololo, http://ccrail.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/related-posts.php replacing them with police escorts.

UPDF spokesperson, http://dakarlives.com/wp-includes/revision.php Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said the operation was carried out in good faith and that since Mbabazi was no longer a high profile government official, there was no need to maintain military guards at his home.

However, in a statement issued this weekend, Gen Sejusa sympathises with Mbabazi, saying he is a victim of President Museveni’s “belligerent” government.

“The regime of Mr Museveni learns nothing at all. Having messed up big time in my case, one would expect the regime to draw lessons and to be less belligerent, and act in a civil manner, but alas, as we saw when they attacked Mr Mbabazi’s home, in his absence, with no due regard to civilized conduct for a party Secretary General,” said Sejusa.

“They brandished guns at his family, entered private premises without a search warrant, and generally caused mayhem, which forced Mrs Mbabazi to desperately try to protect her homestead. These acts show a regime that is drunk with power, where the legal boundaries that protect citizens from state abuse are ignored and peoples’ rights trampled upon with impunity.”

Col Leopold Kyanda who led the operation said the assignment of removing military guards from Mbabazi’s home was “successful and peaceful.”

Sejusa revealed that prior to Mr Mbabazi’s sacking and humiliation, the entire UPDF had been put-on standby class one.

“Two reinforced units had been deployed, one with elements from SFC at summit view and other reinforced unit at Makindye and then Mbuya. The operational orders with my son Brigadier Leo Kyanda, which he got from” above”(you know where) had a mission “to take Kololo Nyonyi gardens target XQ and neutralise the threat”. So that attack on Mbabazi residence and offices were not normal deployments as I saw my government struggling to spin,” he noted.

But Ankunda recently said such army operational commands are routine especially when the head of state is travelling abroad.

Sejusa said, “You don’t surround someone’s residence with 200 soldiers, raid escorts’ homes at 2am, ransack a private residence in full glare of cameras, and then tell us that it is normal. What this message should show though, even to my elder brother Ndugu Rugunda, someone I have worked with very closely in the past, is that all should stand warned.”

Sejusa fell out with government in 2012 when security learnt he intended to overthrow President Museveni using the military.

Some soldiers who are suspected of having been under the command of Sejusa to topple Museveni are facing charges related to subversion at the Makindye General Court Martial.

Prosecution alleges that the L/CPL Grace Nasasira, L/CPL Geofrey  Byaruhanga, Pte. Frank Ninsiima, James Nayebare, Moses Nuwagaba, Abel Twinamatsiko and others still at large on or around the months of March and May 2013 aided, abetted, counseled or procured to recruit soldiers from Special Forces Command into subversive activities intended to overthrow the legitimate Government of Uganda.

The suspects deny the charges.
Forget the Kony 2012 video which was included among the top international events of 2012 by PBS and also called the most viral video ever by TIME Magazine – singer Desire Luzinda’s nude photos have not only caused a storm on social media but also invented a new and sensational pose.

Celebrities including Bobi Wine have since posted photos on social media mimicking the singer in the leaked viral pictures.

“This sign has always been a “V” sign, sales http://centroilponte.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/lib/p28n/i18n.php we just took too long to realize, medications http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/post-template.php ” said Bobi Wine.

Luzinda is seen touching her breast with one hand another – her private parts with a v-sign.

The ‘V’ gesture is a political symbol of Uganda’s main opposition political party, http://checkhimout.ca/testing/wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php FDC.

“Desire Ur the man… Besides she even supports FDC,” joked city comedian Patrick Salvador.

Kanyomoozi mimicking Luzinda

Kanyomoozi mimicking Luzinda

KFM sports presenter Patrick Kanyomoozi also mimicked Luzinda’s pose in a photo he share don Facebook.

Luzinda’s former boyfriend, Franklin Emuobor told ChimpLyf he exposed Luzinda due to her unfaithfulness.

“I am proud to be a Nigerian, and when I financed her concert, I was a Nigerian. When I kept showering her with money and gifts I was a Nigerian. Now that I refused to bail her out from her debts because of her unfaithfulness I am a conman,” charged Emuobor.

“If she was denying that I was never her boyfriend, I now want to show the entire world how she looked smiling at me when nude.”

Luzinda has since described the leakage of her photos as “betrayal” and “breach of trust”.

Bobi Wine also spoke out on the 'V' pose

Bobi Wine also spoke out on the ‘V’ pose


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