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PHOTOS: Besigye, Lukwago Appear in Kabale Court

4GC leaders and supporters in Kabale town today

Ugandans have defended singer Desire Luzinda after she claimed betrayal by her ex Nigerian lover, approved erectile Franklin.

Thousands of fans took to social media over the weekend and Monday to express their sympathies for the music star after her private photos were leaked on the internet.

The pictures show Luzinda exposing/touching her private parts in a seductive manner.

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Others show the naked musician lying down on the bed.

ChimpLyf understands Ugandans have quietly sharing the shocking photos on WhatsApp.

Luzinda said, ed “Helping someone is not a guarantee they will return the favour when in time of need. Be the friend in need knowing payment comes from God.”

Music diva Desire Luzinda'a private photos were leaked to the internet last week

Luzinda has since accused her boyfriend of betrayal

Below are Ugandans’ views:

Innocent Odongkara: Desire did what was right for her lover, you who is throwing stones at her look at all your deeds. Haven’t you done such things in your life, its only untrustworthy Nigger who exposed all the trust given to him. Let’s stop hate and get down to revise our past.

Mug Ratif: People have judged Desire Luzinda for her mistake but, this is her private life which all of us have to learn from and don’t fall victim of the same. Me I forgive her for making my page a porn site but Ugandan women take care because you only have value if you preserve yourself.

Eurean Ndugwa: Stop judging her each one of you has untold story so you don’t have any right to judge any one …you are not perfect too.

Aminah Semo: Remember that when you hold an important position in a society, you also need to live by example. Trust me if you put yours just like Luzinda, probably it would not make such an effect so stop defending her. She deserves all the crap thrown on her.

Habib Risas: Lesson to all ladies. Mind so much about your life when dating. Not all men are the same. Remember you take years building your career and reputation but you can lose it in a second. I sympathise with Desire she thought she was in love.

Matovu Sula Omuteffu: Paying the Price for Promiscuity without considering the outcomes and having the brevity for taking Nude photos with someone who is not your Husband or Wife!!

Godfrey Chakala Mukola: This is the nature of man today; they will always rejoice when bad things happen to you and feel jealous when you are successful or when good things are on your way.

Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court has today set December 5th, order for the ruling in the case where ‘For God and My Country’ (4GC) Leaders are accused of inciting violence in July 2012.

They are facing charges of inciting violence, ambulance damaging police cars and also injuring four police officers.

They allegedly committed the crimes on July 14th while speaking at an FDC rally held at Kabale Municipal Main stadium.

The Opposition Leaders who appeared before court include Former FDC President, Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Kawempe Division Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa, embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago.

Others include Ingrid Kamateneti Turinawe the chairperson of the FDC women’s League, Rukungiri Municipality MP, Roland Mugume Kaginda and Imam Makumbi, the Democratic Party chairperson for western Uganda.

The Opposition leaders arrived at the Magistrates court amidst tight security and shortly after they had entered, the police stopped more people from accessing the court room saying the area had become over-congested.

Proceedings that started at 10:30 am in the packed court room went on up 1:00 pm.

It was during this time that the prosecution presented detective ASP Kalinkiza Gumisiriza, the officer in charge of the Criminal investigations intelligence Directorate at Kabale Police station as their first Witness.

During cross examination with the Defense Counsel, Wilfred Murrumba of Murrumba and Mastiko Company advocates, the Police officer contradicted himself on several occasions prompting the Defense team to ask court to dismiss the case on grounds that there were irregularities on the charge sheet.
The officer stunned Court when he said that he was among those who were trying to direct the crowd Outside the Municipal Stadium shortly after saying that he was inside the stadium at the time the crowd left and had been hit by a Sandal thrown by the locals.

Also his utterrance that he was protecting his Job angered the defense counsel who accused him of not abiding by the truth but instead focusing on protecting the interests of the ruling National Resistance Movement.

The disagreements between the two sides saw the defense counsel filing in a preliminary objection over the authenticity of the charge sheet which he says only mentions that a total of four police officers were injured in the Violence but does not mention the particulars of those injured.

The Presiding Magistrate, Her Worship Marry Babirye decided to adjourn the case to December 5th 2014 when she will give her ruling on the submission by the defense counsel.

Imam Makumbi and Col. Kiiza Besigye who were making their first plea in the case were granted 5 million non-Cash bail each.

Lydia Turyahumura the Kabale district FDC chairperson and Leopold Twesigye the Kigongi ward councilor in Kabale Municipality stood surety for Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye while Goodluck Musinguzi, a Journalist and Emmanuel Arinaitwe a Kabale based businessman stood surety for Imam Makumbi.
Others leaders only had their bail extended.

After the Court session, Former FDC president Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besisgye told the press that the Court was full of drama and that he was not surprised that the Police was trying to frame charges against them.

He said that he wonders why the Police and the state had never preferred any charges against him since 2012 when he allegedly committed the offences and instead did it in 2014.

He says that it was unfortunate for the Police to stop people from accessing Court room saying that it was a sign that there was no transparency.

Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwaga said that they were charged of inciting people to get rid of President Museveni which he said was baseless.

He further said that it is regrettable for a government of the people to hide from its citizens.

Kigezi Regional Police spokesperson Elly Maate says that the Police never aimed at stopping the locals from accessing the court Premises but instead had to ensure that those who were already in premises were secure.

He said that the Police had for long been talking of the terror threat and that since hundreds of people had gathered in the area, the Police could not take chances and that their actions were for the safety of everybody.


4GC leaders addressing journalists after court

4GC leaders addressing journalists after court

4GC leaders appear before Kabale Chief Magistrate's Court

4GC leaders appear before Kabale Chief Magistrate’s Court



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