Oyo Rejects Cabinet Decision To Turn Kingdom Headquarters Into Hotel

The hind side of Tooro Kingdom headquarters. The Kingdom parliament wanted it to be turned into a multi-billion hotel.

The King of Tooro His majesty Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguuru Rukidi IV has halted the decision by cabinet to turn the Kingdom headquarters at Mucwa into a modern hotel.

Jonathan Baguma the King’s Principal Private Secretary, stomach said Oyo reversed a decision made by Tooro parliament to turn Mucwa Kingdom headquarters into a hotel.

The king’s decision follows protests by his subjects who opposed last week’s parliament resolution to have Mucwa kingdom headquarters replaced.

On Saturday, clinic while addressing members of the Kingdom Parliament, visit this site Hon. Bernard Tugwako the kingdom Prime Minister said that the kingdom cabinet had decided to turn the headquarters into a multi-billion hotel, which would fetch revenue for the cultural institution.

Hon. Tugwako said the hotel, “Mucwa Royal Hotel,” would have facilities that include 40 rooms, a recreation centre, swimming pool, a royal cottage for the King, restaurants and a conference hall.

Tugwako told the members of the council, that the chambers of the headquarters would be left intact and renovated.

But some members, who included Princess Elizabeth Bagaya Akiiki, opposed the construction of the hotel saying that the Kingdom has vast chunks of land where to establish such projects.

Princess Bagaya said turning Mucwa into a hotel would kill the symbolism of the historical building and would be an insult to the late Sir George Rukidi, who spearheaded the construction.

“I don’t oppose the hotel, but it is not right to just turn this historical building. This building is symbolic in Tooro and should be preserved,” said Bagaya.

However Bagaya was jeered by members of the parliament in the presence of King Oyo.

The head of the Tooro royal family and a brother to Bagaya Charles Kamurasi, who supports the project, said it was an embarrassment that the kingdom relies majorly on donations from government and individuals to run its activities.

The kingdom speaker Hon. Saulo Mugasa was forced to put the matter to vote after members proposed that they should be given time to consult. 58 of the members voted in favor, while Bagaya and Prince Patrick Muganzi voted against.

Constructed in the 1960s, the kingdom headquarters are located at Mucwa and they are the official administrative seat of the Tooro government. It currently houses the kingdom parliament chambers and offices of the cabinet ministers.

For more than fifty years, the dilapidated building with cracks has never been given a facelift. There are big cracks on the walls, the ceilings are putrid and when it rains, the building leaks.

In 2014, a section of the headquarters was rented out to Uganda Pentecostal University.



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