OWC Introduces E-System to Monitor Farmers

OWC district Cordinators attending a consultative meeting at Lake View hotel on Sunday

The Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) ICT section has introduced a new system to monitor farmers.

The system was unveiled on Sunday by the Chief Coordinator, Lt. Gen. Charles Angina, during a mobilization consultative meeting held at Lake View Hotel in Mbarara.

The meeting was attended by OWC coordinators, RDCs and LCV chairpersons from 14 districts of Ankole and greater Kigezi.

The director of information communication and technology (ICT), Eng. John Wekesa Wambogo, said the new software system will address a number of challenges faced by farmers.

“Personally I’m a professional computer scientist and when I was deployed as a director of ICT, I basically felt the best way to go was digital because I knew it would deliver and improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery,” Wambogo said.

“This information management system was basically to address issues of improved performance in terms of timeliness, getting reports from the field because as you may be aware the OWC intervention is cross-cutting in all regions of Uganda and having reports coming from the grass root to the headquarters to informed decision making was previously a problem. So we decided to develop this information management system and, currently, as we talk now, our officers simply log onto the system from wherever they are in the field and then post to headquarters the data they have and reports through our system.”

Wambogo identified the new system as OWC Information Management System and that it is user friendly.

He further urged all the OWC coordinators to adopt the computer system monitoring system.

”I can assure all of you that our system is robust and it will live up to its expectations. Therefore, I appeal to our officers to embrace the system and make sure that they report as quiet often as possible so that top management can make use of part of the information they have on the grass root to improve performance of our peasants at 68%” he said.

The ICT director said it will commence operation starting with season A of 2017 data upload.

“Like any other system, this new innovation will have no tamper proof as a bench mark to areas of security and will be uploading data of 2017 season A,” he said.

The national coordinator OWC Gen. Angina said the system will address challenges of double intervention and delayed call-off orders by the coordinators.



“We want to emphasize and teach the aspect of information technology under the directorate of ICT to know exactly what has been delivered and received by the group and by what quantity,” he said.

This, Gen Angina added, will enable the leadership at this level to make better entries and forwarding them to the headquarters so that the data base can have all this information in every part of the country.

The coordinator further clarified that the development will “enable us to ultimately have farmers profiled properly”, which will provide for cutting-edge record keeping.

He also asked the prime minister to look into the matter of government giving peasants local breeds of cattle rather than Friesian which they cannot “sufficiently” feed.

He said 68% of farmers are poor to rear exotic breeds.

He also advised farmers to follow the presidential advice of growing crops on at least 4 acres so as to realize the goal of commercial farming.

“Don’t grow a cash crop in an acre; it will not give you any gain instead grow there food crops like cassava and hot culture crops to address food challenges,” he said.



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