Okoth Murdered Lover with Flat Iron, Knife – Police

Andrew Okoth

Andrew Kelvin Okoth who was arrested last week for murdering his girlfriend Fahima Natoolo, has confessed to the crime.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said investigators now know how the murder happened.

“He was in the bathroom and heard her speaking on phone to an unidentified person,” Kasingye said.

On being confronted, Kasingye says, Natoolo never took her charged boyfriend serious which angered him.

“He threw a flat iron at her and she started pleading for her life.”

“Despite her pleas, Okoth stabbed her repeatedly with a knife until she died,” Kasingye revealed.

According to eyewitnesses, after murdering her girlfriend, Okoth locked the body in a house in Mbalwa, Namugongo before rushing to a nearby clinic to nurse injuries sustained in the fight.

Natoolo’s body was recovered at the start of last week by police after being tipped off by neighbors and they launched a man hunt for Okoth.

On Thursday night, police arrested Okoth from a house in Kiwatule where he had been hiding.

Kasingye at the press address urged lovers to be tolerant to each other and also solve issues amicably.

“If possible, people should get counsellors to guide them in case of misunderstandings, “Kasingye advised.

“For me, beating or stabbing your lover doesn’t in any way prove that you are strong. Stop it.”

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