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Oil Refinery: Govt Refutes AFIEGO’S Claims on Affected Residents in Hoima

Stephen Robert Isabalija, Permanent Secretary MEMD

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has refuted claims by AFIEGO, an NGO that is leading a crusade against the relocation of households which alleged that 73 households have refused to be resettled to Kyakaboga from a refinery settlement in Kabaale, Buseruka Sub-county, Hoima District.

According to a statement from the ministry, the relocation process of the residents has started today 10th August 2017 and involves an agreement between the ministry and the PAPs on an economic programme for each household to be resettled.

The statement also notes that some households could not be relocated immediately because they are already cultivating and could not leave immediately.

“It is therefore not true that they are all expected to relocate on the day of the commissioning. Some households are already cultivating their allocated land and would therefore be better off once relocated.”

Stephen Robert Isabalija, Permanent Secretary MEMD noted that the ministry had held meeting with PAPS on 8th August which according to him went well and an agreement to resettle them was reached immediately.

“The Ministry and sub county officials were interested in hearing views and concerns from all PAPs, however some of their leaders barred them from speaking. The meeting was peaceful and adjourned after responding to issues raised by the leaders and the Ministry has continued to receive requests from PAPs to start the relocation process,” isabalija noted in the statement.

He added; “The livelihood programmes include provision of seedlings and food for six months and skills development programmes will be implemented in Kyakaboga for a period of 6 months to a year.”

A copy of the consolidated land title and plot numbers was given to the PAPs during the meeting, individual land titles are being processed.

The relocation area is located in Kyakaboga village, near other communities and less than 2km from Buseruka Subcounty where the Health Center 4 has been refurbished as part of the resettlement process and is therefore not in isolation.

Infrastructure for water and electricity is already in place, with each household having a 500litre rain water tank and access to communal boreholes.

The area is less than 500m to the re-constructed Nyahaira Primary School and the Survey for extension of electricity has been completed and all houses fully wired. Communal areas and other infrastructure will also be developed depending on the needs of the communities within the village.

The Isabalija asked all Civil Society Organizations to carry out their duties responsibly and not be destructive to government programs that are for the common good of all Ugandans.


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