‘Oil Handshake’ Parliament Report Leaks; IGG to Investigate Culprits

Hon Abdu Katuntu

All government officials who shared the Shs 6bn ‘handshake’ will have to refund all monies received, Chimp Corps can exclusively report.

A Parliament Committee Report compiled by lawmakers led by Hon Abdu Katuntu discovered that “the handshake was arbitrary, illegal and un constitutional.”

It further indicates that the beneficiaries of the funds should “refund” the money.

At least Shs 6bn was shared by officials from Uganda Revenue Authority, Attorney General’s Chambers, Solicitor General’s office, Ministries of Energy and Justice and Constitutional Affairs after winning a capital gains oil tax case against Heritage.

Led by URA boss, Doris Akol, the officials defended the handshake, saying they had done a good job that saved Uganda billions of shillings.

They said the funds saved were used to build Karuma Dam.

The handshake story broken by ChimpReports shook the country to the core, exposing government officials’ greed as they rewarded themselves for doing the job they are paid to do.

Some officials at the Ministry of Finance apologized for ‘handshake’ project.

Katuntu’s committee report which remains under the shelf, says, “There should be a law to regulate presidential donations in 90 days.”

The public faulted Museveni for authorizing the expenditure of the Shs 6bn as a reward instead of using funds under the presidential donations docket.

The Katuntu report also recommends that “IGG should institute investigations to determine the culpability and possible offences. “

This means some government officials could be investigated for flouting procedures in the disbursement of the funds hence the possibility of prosecution.

Katuntu also found that “There was an error of judgement on part of the president” and that, “The Shs 6b supplementary request should be rejected.”

The committee also said Section 8 of the petroleum (exploration,development and production) Act should be ammended to remove powers of ministers signing Agreements.

This was after then Finance Minister Syda Bbumba admitted that she signed tax waivers without reading them.

The MPs’ investigation also decided that, “All recoverable costs by oil companies should be submitted quarterly to parliament.”

The Attorney General was also directed to recover $4m in court costs from Heritage Oil and report within 90 days.


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