OBITUARY: In Brig Taban’s Passing, the Voice of Purpose and Character Calls Again

RIP: Brig. Geoffrey Taban Kyabihende

By Boaz Byayesu

As the family of Mzee Kyabihende and friends mourn for the loss of their great son, the UPDF remembers the great contribution and stellar performance of their brave soldier and good commander, and Uganda recognizes his extraordinary input in the armed struggles for freedom, peace and security.

Unnecessary to state the reason again for which Gen. Geoffrey Taban left his family in Kazo and decided to find another home in the bushes of Luwero Triangle, his decision finally served a justifiable historic purpose.

This purpose has been recorded in the great history of our country. Therefore, we are not mourning but celebrating this gallant son of Uganda.

In the midst of all the pains and memories, the voice of purpose and character persistently calls for the resurrection of the NRA’s founding ideals.

The most humbling element in the heroic characteristics of the NRA revolutionary soldiers among whom Taban has been a bright symbol and a typical example is their clear purpose, unique character, and unmatched courage.

In the public eye, these great men demonstrated a character and a demeanor that spell the meaning of patriotism very clearly.

Their conduct represents love of others hence love of a country, it depicts selflessness and self-restraint in the face of great temptation, it calls for forgiveness, inclusiveness and oneness, it instills discipline, humbleness, and professionalism. What a patriotic culture!

These are the characteristics of heroes and great men. The opposite of these characteristics are the obvious colours of villains. And we have seen them too.

The Call of Patriotism Through Purpose and Character

We have seen but we seem not to have visualized; we have been told but we seem not to have heard; we have listened but we seem not to have comprehended; we have read our history but we seem not to have understood; we have studied historic events but we seem not to have contemplated.

Why? Because we have refused to open the eyes of our souls and spirits. Our eyes are blinded by the character of selfishness, the purpose of self-pursuits and the courage of selfish interests.

The voice of Goodness has been calling, we are constantly reminded to reform and resist evil and selfish temptations that can easily take us back to our regrettable past but we have refused to comply.

As a nation we are hungry and thirsty of the character and caliber of these fallen heroes that made history and shaped the future of our country by virtue of their clear purpose, good courage and humble character.

We must go back to the drawing board and invoke the founding ideals of the greatest revolution of our time.

Gallant Sons of Uganda from Kazo

Kazo in particular, we have lost great products repeatedly. Below are some of the deceased and living Ugandan liberation war heroes from Kazo:

Gen. Elly Tumwiine

Lt. Gen Joram Mugume

Brig. Burundi Nyamunywanisa

Lt. Col. Rwaibanda

Now Late Brig. Geoffrey Taban

Late Brig. Chefe Ali

Late Col. Patrick Lumumba

Late Lt. Col Fred Mugisha

Late Lt. Col Leuben Ikondere

Late Lt. Col. Muhanguzi Kimosho

Late Maj. Kifuba Kamuninga

Late Maj. Kabuura

Late Maj. Kagumire

Late Maj. Mujuni

Late Capt. Kamwereere

Late Capt. Kwesiga

Late Mugabi Nkuba

Late Kamurari Rubahimbya

Late Rutembana Rugaramira

Late Kakongi Kabigyema

These above are some of the most outstanding frontline heroes of the revolutionary bush war from Kazo who fought courageously and relentlessly for freedom of Uganda and a dignified life of all Ugandans regardless of social, economic or political background. Regardless of tribe, ethnic group and/or social class.

May our good God provide us with yet another breed of great Ugandans of their character, caliber and purpose.

Rest in eternal peace Ndugu Taban.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.

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