NWSC Accelerates Infrastructure Dev’t for Service Delivery

NWSC Dr Eng Silver Mugisha (C)  receiving the best Manager of the Year 2015 award

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), website Uganda – a public utility owned by government of Uganda and provides water and sewerage services in urban centres across the country on a commercial and financially viable basis has boosted infrastructure development to improve service delivery.

As at March 2016, buy information pills the Corporation operated within 149 urban centres with an estimated population of over 7 million people.

The number of towns is envisaged to grow as the corporation continues to pursue increased geographical expansion in order to deliver water for all.

Change in strategic focus:

In 2013 under the leadership of a new Managing Director, viagra sale Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha, the Corporation changed its strategic focus and launched the first ever Five Year Strategic Direction (SD) 2013 – 2018 aimed at gearing the Corporation for transformational changes in its operational and geographical mandate and highlights the Corporation’s contribution towards the National Vision of transforming Uganda from a Peasant to a self-sustaining economy.

In line with the SD, the NWSC has formulated and implemented a plethora of innovative managerial programs aimed at achieving sustainable service delivery. Key among the programmes is the Infrastructure Service Delivery Programme (ISDP) currently implemented in all the operational areas.

The ISDP’s main focus is intensification of water mains extensions to ensure increased accessibility to water and sewerage services. In addition, the Corporation is implementing Water Supply Stabilization Programme (WSSP) in all the areas as a means to increased water production and supply.

NWSC in 2014 launched an aggressive “Water for All” program whose objective is expanding the mandate of the Corporation to cover all major urban centres within Uganda in a bid to ensure accelerated service delivery and provide water for all.

In pursuant of “Water for All”, the NWSC formulated a Five Year Strategic Direction 2015-2018 (SD) in 2013

Within the framework of the water for all program, NWSC under the Managing Director, Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha has overseen the development and implementation of the following innovative initiatives;

Geographical expansion:

The Corporation has systematically and aggressively expanded its geographical coverage to increase the number of NWSC service towns from 24 to 149 towns across the country.

This is a significant transformation in the business and service model of the Corporation and has redefined NWSC’s role in the Uganda Water Sector and service delivery;

Infrastructure service delivery:

In order to step-up water production and improve water supply reliability and service coverage, NWSC initiated the systematic rehabilitation, upgrade and expansion of infrastructure through bi-annual Infrastructure Service Delivery Plans (ISDP) and annual Water Stabilization Plans (WSP).

These two initiatives aim at providing for network expansion and reducing water supply shortages in the short to medium term.

In The last Financial Year NWSC extended 1448kms of water mains. This is a transformational re-alignment of strategy considering that the corporation used to extend between 80km to 100km per year. At this pace of infrastructure growth, the Corporation will be able to double the size of its current network in the next 4 years.

Water Loss Prevention:

Non Revenue Water: As is the case with many water utility companies especially in developing countries, Non-Revenue Water is a major hurdle to effective service delivery. In 2014, programs were enacted to reduce Non-Revenue Water from 33% to 31.6% in the space of a year.

Among the programmes was the pro-active community-based illegal use reduction programme code named WALOPU (Water Loss Prevention Unit) where the Corporation partnered with the police and community to fight illegal water use and hence reduce water theft.

Community Engagement:

As a company that seeks to be a part of the communities in which it operates, NWSC has taken the message of “Water for all” to every community. This has been majorly through Water Community Communication Clubs (WACOCO), effective engagement with religious institutions and centres, opinion pieces in local dailies and airtime on radio and Television stations.

This has improved the corporation’s reputation and reduced incidences of misunderstandings between the corporation and its customers. Bi-AnnualWater Baraza have also been introduced in order to improve communication between NWSC and the communities, and also get feedback on NWSC services, successes and failures.


Using the in-house IT team, NWSC has developed a number of in-house innovations that have greatly enhanced customer services. Among these innovations included: (a) the E-Water Payment System – where NWSC has partnered with banks and the telecom companies and this has greatly enhanced the customer convenience when settling water bills; (b) The new billing system developed in-house, which in addition to saving the Corporation money, is more interactive and with improved interfacing functionalities.

With the new system application, processing and tracking of new water connections is done on-line; and (c) The Corporation has also developed a smart phone mobile application that enables customers check their accounts, pay bills and send queries through their smart phones. NWSC has also adopted a 24-hour social media platform, readily responding to tweets from customers and keeping the world updated on NWSC programs and developments.

To deepen customer care and ensure consumer delight the corporation has launched the customer relationship programme where every customer is taken care of by a customer relationship officer. All this is aimed at ensuring customer delight.

Pro-poor initiatives:

Service to the urban poor remains one of the biggest challenges for most utilities in Africa. The Corporation has systematically increased the number of pre-paid public water points in a bid to improve services for the urban poor communities.

A total of 1,600 pre-paid public water points have been installed and the technology has proved successful due to the community involvement from project conception, implementation and operation. Public Sanitation facilities have also been built to complete the water and sanitation chain.

Water and Sanitation in schools:

The Corporation launched School Water and Sanitation (SWAS) clubs; a very novel initiative that targets the next generation (school children).

Through the SWAS clubs, NWSC creates awareness about water and sanitation in the country through sensitization and empowerment of children who become water and sanitation ambassadors.

The SWAS clubs have been rolled out in over 100 schools across the country and each school holds water and sanitation days with activities including; Poems, games, debates, essays, quizzes, skits, drama, green campaign (tree planting), WASH tech innovations, and school talks.

As a result of the good performance, the Corporation has won several regional and global awards in recognition of its efficiency improvements in revenue collection, excellence and innovation, infrastructure service delivery, and replicating good practices to other utilities through the external services wing of the Corporation.


Among the recognitions awards received in 2014 included the Global Water Leaders Awards received in Paris, the African Water Utility of the Year 2013/2014 award received in Cape Town South Africa, Golden Europe Award for Quality and Customer Excellence received in Geneva, and the most Compliant Public Entity in PPDA award received in Nairobi.

In the year 2015 the Corporation has so far received awards that include; the African Water Utility of the Year 2014/2015 received in Cape Town South Africa, the BIZZ 2015 Award received in Las Vegas, USA, Best Regional Enterprise Award received in London, UK, The Managing Director Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha was recognised as Manager of the Year in London by the Europe Business Assembly, NWSC has also received several awards at home and stands out as one of the most exemplary public enterprises in Uganda.


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