Ntagali Decries Violence, Calls for Tolerance in Easter Message

Arch Bishop Stanley Ntagali delivering the East Message on Wednesday

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, mind the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali has said that as the country celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter, cost the people should reflect on ways that would promote peace and tolerance to each other.

Giving his Easter message to believers on Wednesday morning at his Namirembe office, Ntagali expressed concern over the increasing cases of violence caused by intolerance saying Jesus died so these could end.

“There is need for us to turn our eyes onto Jesus because our future as a country is in Him,” Ntagali said.

“All Ugandans should maintain peace throughout this period. We are different tribes, political parties and denominations but Jesus died for us all. There is need to tolerate each other’s views and aspirations.”

A few weeks ago, violence erupted in Kasese region leading to death of more than 6 people including 5 civilians who were shot by police and the military as they dared attack the security men.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda said God wants everyone at peace with each other, adding that this prompted Him to send his only begotten son to die for the sins of the people.

“It is only through Jesus that we can be forgiven our sins and our personal contributions to the challenges we are facing today. It is through Him we can overcome our divisions.”

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