Ntagali Condemns Homosexuality; Urges Besigye Release

Anglican Church Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, http://charlieacourt.com/wp-includes/session.php His Grace Stanley Ntagali has reiterated the church’s position on the issue of homosexuality, physician http://dangerdame.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/admin/menu.php saying gay marriage has no place in the Church of Uganda.
Archbishop Ntagali made the statement while delivering his Easter message during a service at All Saints Church Nakasero on Sunday.
“I still standby what I did by moving out of the Primates’ meeting in Canterbury earlier this year and believe I was right. Things are not right in the church. Following consecration of a gay bishop by Episcopal church of America, more about on our part as Uganda and Africa decided
that we wouldn’t have Holy Communion with people who support such,” Ntagali told the congregation.
“So had I remained in that meeting, I would be betraying Uganda. I would be in the wrong place. As Church of Uganda, we won’t change the canons of marriage as written in the Bible that marriage is between man and woman.”
In his message, His Grace Ntagali also spoke against religious denominations which have created divisions among people.
He noted that the existence of Jesus Christ was meant to unite everyone and usher them into the kingdom of God.
“The resurrection of Christ is the center of the church and Christianity according to Paul’s teachings. His death reconciled us with God for all our sins and opened our way to the unlimited grace.”
The Archbishop also touched on the political conflict following the disputed February elections, calling for unity, dialogue and reconciliation by leaders and the populace.
He said; “Reconciliation should be everyone’s concern so that we can make Uganda a better place than we found it. We also pray for peace in Bundibugyo where tribal disputes have claimed lives.”
To the families, Ntagali condemned the acts of domestic violence which he said are beginning to be propagated by women as opposed to men like it has always been.
“We now have cases of women harassing and beating up their husbands exploiting their gentility. As a results, the children of the nation have been deprived of love and care and become vulnerable to fake
organizations which take them abroad, exploit them and are never seen
In a special way, Ntagali prayed for the former Presidential aspirant, Dr. Kizza Besigye who he said has been subjected to house arrest, denying him freedom. The Archbishop asked for Besigye to be granted peace and consequently be part of the process of resolving the ongoing
political conflict.


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