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NRM Plans One-Million-Man Rally in Luwero

Museveni with 'Tubonge' song musicians at Kololo ceremonial grounds on Tuesday

As the Burundi government continues to kills and torture its own people to keep President Pierre Nkurunziza in power, find http://choladathaicuisine.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-autoupdate.php United States President Barack Obama has moved to strike the country off the list of AGOA beneficiaries.

“In accordance with section 506A(a)(3)(B) of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, pharmacy as amended (AGOA) (19 U.S.C. 2466a(a)(3)(B)), I am providing notification of my intent to terminate the designation of the Republic of Burundi (Burundi) as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country under AGOA,” Obama said in a letter to U.S. congress on Friday night.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is a United States Trade Act, enacted on 18 May 2000 as Public Law 106 of the 200th Congress.

AGOA has since been renewed to 2025. The legislation significantly enhances market access to the US for qualifying Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries.

Obama’s decision comes against the backdrop of increased extrajudicial killings of Nkurunziza’s opponents in Burundi.

“I am taking this step because I have determined that the Government of Burundi has not established or is not making continual progress toward establishing the rule of law and political pluralism, as required by the AGOA eligibility requirements outlined in section 104 of the AGOA (19 U.S.C. 3703),” said Obama.

“In particular, the continuing crackdown on opposition members, which has included assassinations, extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, and torture, have worsened significantly during the election campaign that returned President Nkurunziza to power earlier this year.”

On October 23, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) expressed its concern over the “rapidly worsening” security and human rights situation in Burundi, where at least 198 people have been killed since April, including the execution of at least nine civilians.

Colville said while police forces were searching houses in the area, family members of a well-known cameraman of the National Radio and Television of Burundi (RTNB), Christophe Nkezabahizi Nkezabahizi were reportedly called out of their home, lined up and shot in cold blood.

Suppressing dissent

Obama further accused the Burundi government of blocking opposing parties from holding organizational meetings and campaigning throughout the electoral process.

“Police and armed youth militias with links to the ruling party have intimidated the opposition, contributing to nearly 200,000 refugees fleeing the country since April 2015.  Accordingly, I intend to terminate the designation of Burundi as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country under AGOA as of January 1, 2016,” he announced.

According to the United Nations, Burundi is facing its deepest political crisis since the end of the civil war, after President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to run for a controversial third term in office.

A broad array of actors warned that his attempt was unconstitutional and contrary to the spirit of the 2000 Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi.
Having organised a successful rally at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala this week, buy information pills http://cheesejaguar.com/wp-includes/deprecated.php the NRM is mobilising tens of thousands of supporters to grace President Museveni’s rally in Luwero on Monday.

Launching the NRM manifesto on Friday, check http://christchurchcathedral.org.au/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php Museveni said he would begin his campaigns in Luwero – the headquarters of the NRA guerrillas who seized power in 1986.

According to the programme seen by ChimpReports, stuff http://chienyenthinh.com/plugins/vmcustom/stockable/stockable.php Museveni will first address a gathering at Bamunanika in Zirobwe.

This function will be graced by top NRM leaders from Luwero including Minister John Chrysostom Muyingo.

Museveni will thereafter proceed to Katikamu South where officials said one million Ugandans will be waiting for the President’s address.

He will conclude with a rally in Luwero town.

It is anticipated that Museveni will lay the foundation stone for the NRM monument house.

Luwero is a strategic area for NRM since its residents bore the brunt of the war against the presidency of Milton Obote.

Museveni this week said the campaign messages will rotate around the party’s manifesto, emphasising development in the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism, trade, ICT and harnessing of Uganda’s natural resources.

To achieve the middle-income target, the NRM manifesto focuses on human capital development, culture, entertainment, labour and unemployment, infrastructure development, lands and finally regional integration and cooperation for bigger enhanced markets.

Museveni is facing resistance from his former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Dr Kizza Besigye.

Other candidates in the race include Maureen Kyalya, Prof Venansius Baryamureeba, Joseph Mabirizi, Abed Bwanika.

Besigye will start his rallies from Rukungiri while Mbabazi will address public a public assembly in Masaka on Monday.


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