Election 2016

NRM Manifesto to be Amended to Include Hoes

Excited ladies welcoming president Museveni to Terego

Presidential flag-bearer for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, treat http://cosmeticluxus.com/wp-includes/class-ixr.php Yoweri Museveni, case has said promises made to Maracha district by the NRM government have been fully paid.

Mr Museveni who was Tuesday speaking at a campaign rally held at Otravo Primary School in Oluke sub-county Maracha district revealed that Maracha district was given two constituencies as the residents had requested.

“You now have a tarmacked road from Kampala to Oraba, electricity, piped water, schools and health center III’s at all sub counties,” he said.

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He revealed that Maracha district has 63 primary schools with a student population of 74,000 students and 35 secondary schools and 9 Health Center IIIs. He also promised that five more schools will be built within the district.

“The main problem in Maracha is now for the people to understand the need for modern agriculture to solve the problem of poverty,” said President Museveni.

Candidate Museveni also encouraged the youth to acquire technical skills that can get them jobs and to embrace the wealth creation program so that they can earn household incomes.

Over 24,000 seedlings of oranges and 1000 seedlings of mangoes have been sent to the district under the wealth creation program.

The rally was also attended by Alex Onzima, the State Minister for Local Government and Simon D’ujanga the State Minister for Energy who appealed to the residents to support the NRM party because it has honored its promises to Maracha district.
Farmers in Terego with small pieces of land have urged the NRM government to supply them with hoes for them to intensify food production, mind http://coaststringfiddlers.com/wp-includes/comment.php Chimp Corps report.

Responding to President Museveni’s call for households with small pieces of land to engage in cost effective agro production, page http://cheapcouriercomparison.com.au/wp-includes/update.php the farmers said they have no access to hoes.

President Museveni also the NRM Presidential Flag Bearer on Tuesday assured the people of Terego constituency that his party will amend the NRM Manifesto and add hoes in their budget so that people are able to cultivate enough food for their families.

“In the next budget, pharmacy http://crossfitabf.com/wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php we shall concentrate on hoes. My party is going to amend the manifesto and add hoes so that you cultivate enough food for your children,” he said.

Speaking to thousands of NRM supporters at Otambari Mission grounds in Terego East Constituency in Arua district, President Museveni expressed his concern for the Girl Child Education and said girls must be encouraged to stay in School. “When you educate a girl, you educate the whole society.”

He urged parents to encourage the girls stay in school and get enough education as government will provide them sanitary pads and scholastic materials like books, mathematical sets for all children in UPE and USE schools.

He also added that lack of education of a neighbour affects everyone.

“Women are the center of the whole society therefore when you educate a girl, it means you are educating the whole society,” said the President.


President Museveni has also called upon unemployed graduates with Arts courses to take on diploma courses like ceramics, wood works, metal works, modern agro production and mechanical engineering which will be under government costs so that they are retooled for technical jobs.

The President cited professions with many job vacancies like in Medical, Engineering, Nursing, ICT among others and said these sectors have few qualified job seekers. He also noted that jobs are available but with few qualified personnel.

He said that the NRM government uses prioritization methodology in doing its work and that is why it has managed to bring peace and development to Uganda and to West Nile. He added that government will focus on wealth creation at household level to fight poverty.

President Museveni advised the people of Terego to grow tobacco on a large scale, practice fish and mushroom farming for better incomes.

He also cited out other forms of wealth creation like maize millers, honey manufacturing, Diary farming, shops, hotels, saloons etc that can generate money for families.

On Health, the President said immunization has become the most successful program which has changed Uganda through population increase.

President Museveni urged the people of Terego East constituency to vote for ‘the old man with a hat’ as the President and for his NRM party.

Onesita Ruko, a single mother and a resident of Oboa village, Terego constituency aged 45 years, thanked the NRM government for reinforcing women empowerment in West Nile.

“I was able to join the women SACCO group which has enabled me to carry out business and educate my children. We now have freedom to move anywhere because there is peace,” he said.

For Ridemta Eyo Taru, 41, it was the government policy to allow girls back in school after pregnancy that has drawn her to love President Museveni.

“He has promoted the education of the girl child which has reduced on school dropout rates. He has also allowed pregnant girls to join school after giving birth. I also thank the NRM for the malaria control programme through distribution of mosquito nets. This government has enabled NGOs to reach us for other social services that we get.

During the rally over 200 members of the FDC and UPC parties crossed to the NRM amidst a lot of excitement.

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