NRM Diaspora Interim League Clarifies on Sell of Party Cards

Diaspora Interim committee members displaying their cards
Diaspora Interim committee members displaying their cards

The NRM Diaspora Interim League under the chairmanship of Patrick Asimwe have come out to refute allegations that they are illegally selling NRM membership cards to the party members in the diaspora.

The NRM Secretariat recently released a statement condemning the printing and selling of party cards in Europe, America and Asia and also threatened legal action against the group behind the activity.

The group led by the interim Secretary General, Godius Yesigye told press today that that the ruling party was fully aware of their activities to streamline the league and the issuing of diaspora cards.

Yesigye said after several complaints, following failure to identify diaspora league members especially during national functions; the group came up with a better Diaspora ID Card that is encrypted with the traceable records of the holder with a unique number that tells which country of residence the holder comes from.

“Previously we have had functions like the National Executive Committee of the party sitting where we are invited as the diaspora but the self-styled chairperson (Abbey Walusimbi) would go and pick people from different places within the country and line them as league members,” Yesigye clarified.

NRM Diaspora IDs

NRM Diaspora IDs

He stressed that there are no fake IDs on the streets of London, South Africa or USA being sold.

He further clarified that the cards issued are just diaspora cards, which development was sanctioned by the Vice Chairperson of the Party, Alhaji Moses Kigongo.

“We cannot tamper with NRM National ID as leagues and departments; we can’t issue such cards because they are issued by the National Secretariat of our party.”

The group accused Walusimbi of hijacking the league and running it as a personal office which has kept it irrelevant to the party and the country at large.


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