NRM Diaspora Group Selling Cards “Bwaise Based”- Official

Godius Yesigye's group addressing press last week
Godius Yesigye's group addressing press last week

The NRM Diaspora League leadership printing and selling cards, who addressed a press briefing in Kampala on Wednesday, have been described as a Bwaise based group.

On Wednesday, Godius Yesigye who called himself the Secretary General of the interim NRM diaspora faction under Patrick Asiimwe based in London defended the sale of cards to their members saying it is aimed at streamlining the league.

However the Vice Chairman of Diaspora League, Adam Kasambula who is in charge of Scandinavian, described Godius and his colleagues who addressed the media as people who left diaspora many years ago and only looking for opportunities.

“It’s very true and sad that most of those masquerading and painting themselves with all colors to look as NRM Diaspora members are just opportunists looking for sanctuaries,” part of the mail sent by Kasambula read.

Kasambula described the sale of cards as madness and warned Diaspora members against buying them.

“Anyone who goes out saying that the NRM is selling cards to its members in the Diaspora is total madness.”

He wondered why group selling cards are using the name of NRM National Vice Chairman, Haji Moses Kigongo.

“Making it even more incriminating is to use the names of NRM top most elder and senior executive to be part of this racket. Rt. Hon. Al-Haji Moses Kigongo is not part of this game. My humble advice to those calling themselves executives of NRM Diaspora based in Bwaise is to stop forthwith using the name of Haji.”

Kasambula challenged the group to present documents signed by Kigongo in approval of their activities.

“I challenge them to come with a signed certificate by Haji authorizing that illegal and unconstitutional deed.”

According to Kasambula, Godius is on the watch list of FBI over a case of fraud in California.


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