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New South Sudan Diplomat Attacks Machar Mov’t


 Controversial South Sudanese politician,  Gordon Buay has vowed to “serve the country with all my energy” just a few days after being appointed Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Chimp Corps report.

Buay came to the limelight at the peak of the South Sudan conflict when he launched a sustained scathing cyber attack on rebel leader Dr Riek Machar’s rebel movement.

He at one time described Machar’s movement as a branch of Al Qaeda, attracting the wrath of the former Vice President’s supporters.

Speaking to ChimpReports on Friday morning, Buay said he would give his all to secure South Sudan’s rightful place in the world.

“As the youngest country on earth, South Sudan is an emerging democracy whose government was popularly and democratically elected in 2010,” he noted.

He pointed out that the violence which erupted in December, 2013 was orchestrated by individual politicians who mobilized tribal forces to fight the state by exploiting the backwardness and ignorance of the majority of the people who cannot differentiate between a state and a tribe.

“Majority of the people of South Sudan in rural areas define a state via the lenses of their cattle camps. They don’t know that a state means organized authority over the country—meaning government and its pillars, such as Army, Police, Civil Service, Judiciary, the Executive, etc. Therefore, the political entrepreneurs who staged a coup on December, 15, 2013 exploited tribal sentiments and backwardness to unleash illegal violence against the state.” he added.

The remarks are likely to be contested by SPLA-in-opposition which maintains the war was imposed on them by what it described as President Salva Kiir’s dictatorial attempts to frustrate dissent ahead of the 2015 presidential elections.

Buay said the international community must assist the government of South Sudan to inculcate nationalism in the minds of our people so that they live as one people one nation.

“The only solution to end violence in South Sudan is for the international community to assist the democratically elected government of South Sudan morally, politically and financially to deliver services to the rural areas so that farmers will resist politicians who want to use them as tools to destabilize the country,” he added.

Buay also observed that the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan has outlined procedures for any politician to come to power and that one of them is through a democratic election.

“The use of force to topple a government is illegal everywhere including the kingdom of God. Therefore, the world must condemn anybody in South Sudan who resorts to the use of force to get to power,” he said, adding, “Our constitution is very clear when it comes to getting into the palace. No one can come to power by breaking the window. The constitution says anybody who wants to come to power must come through the front door”

“Somebody cannot sneak in under cover of darkness to occupy the palace by breaking the window and then expect the people of South Sudan to support him. Breaking the window to get inside the house is by itself a criminal offense, let alone breaking into the palace to occupy a Presidential seat illegally.

He urged all the people of South Sudan to stand behind the democratically elected government and condemn tribal violence that hampers socio-economic development of the country.

“The people of South Sudan must transcend tribal loyalties and stand behind President Kiir to develop the country under the motto of “One Nation One People’”.


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