Mwesige: I Can’t Be Ousted from Parliament

Minister Adolf Mwesige

A renowned Pan-Africanist and one of the historicals of the National Resistance Movement, case http://channelingerik.com/wp-includes/class-wp-tax-query.php General Elly Tumwiine has advised Africans to stop lamenting about poverty because the continent in very rich and endowed with abundant natural resources unlike other continents on the globe.

“Africans should stop lamenting about their plight and poverty since we are sitting on abundant natural resources including fertile soils, site fresh water, air, flora and fauna which are rare in other continents,” he said.

Gen Tumwiine urged Africans to change from the habit of laziness but work hard and transform Africa for social and economic empowerment.

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The General was on Friday speaking as chief guest at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) Saaka main Campus in Fort Portal at the Pan-African youth dialogue.

Tumwiine also urged Africans to love their continent and fight the temptation of yearning to go abroad to do menial jobs.

A jovial General Tumwiine challenged Africans to defend African Values which emphasize togetherness and a family founded by a man and a woman unlike the West which is leading an individualistic lifestyle of each man for himself.

“I strongly warned you the Africans against dangerous lifestyle. It’s very bad and affects us as human beings especially the new generation,” General Tumwiine said.

He lectured the participants on personal hygiene and communal lifestyle.

Tumwiine who is also an artist and a composer of songs lectured the participants on conserving the environment by planting more trees, noting that Uganda’s best forests are threatened by human activities.

The veteran soldier who fired the first shot that marked the beginning of the 5-year protracted guerrilla war against the fascist governments of Obote and the Okello stressed the importance of knowledge for life that is practical and transformative of society rather than theoretical education that remains on certificate papers.

He paid tribute to the founders of Pan-Africanism movement including Kwame Nkrumah, and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and those that fought against colonialism.
Kabarole district has no capable leader who can successfully outs me from Parliament, click http://corephysio.ca/scripts/form/language/arabic-utf-8.php Bunyangabu county lawmaker, find http://dayacounselling.on.ca/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php Hon Adolf Mwesige has disclosed.

Mwesige, discount http://cosmeticscop.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/controller.php who doubles as Minister for Local Government said, “As other leaders in the district are being stressed up by the pressure from candidates intending to contest against them, I’m not shaken because there is no leader that can contest with me”.

“I’m very strong enough on ground and those trying to contest against me in the forthcoming general elections shall not manage to conquer and remove me from parliament,” he added.

He made the remarks while officiating as a chief guest at Rwimi Parents Nursery and Primary school during the parent’s day celebrations at Rwimi town council, Kabarole district. He pledged to contribute shs3m towards the purchase of a water tank.

The Minister’s tough comments came following the pressure from contestants who are on ground mobilizing people towards income generating projects, education among other programs, just a year to the 2016 general elections.

The candidates who have so far shown interest to compete with Minister Mwesige include Kabagyo Kisembo an Engineer, Hussein Kato, an accountant and Ali Karatunga, a businessman.

Alfred Bainomugisha of Rwimi Town Council noted that Mwesige who used to snub invitations for community work has started dishing out money ahead of the 2016 elections.

Several people at the function told Chimpreports that Mwesige will face stiff resistance during the 2016 polls “for taking us for granted.”

The minister has served as the area’s MP for almost 20 years.


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