Musumba Obsessed With Vatican Trip

AND I GREETED HIM..: Musumba shows Pope Benedict's Picture to Centenary Bank staff at a function in Kamuli on Thursday

Kamuli LC5 Chairperson Hon Salaam Musumba has been taken over by flashing memories of her recent visit to the Vatican, where she met with Pope Francis.

When invited to escort President Yoweri Museveni to Rome, she leaped onto the opportunity to meet for the first time with His Holiness the Pontiff,  albeit in disregard of her Party [FDC’s] wishes.

The Opposition FDC’s stalwart, was part of the delegation that traveled with President Museveni, and according to State House Officials, she represented Local Government in the working tour.

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Upon return, Musumba isn’t bothered about her ‘crimes’ of cozying around with her party’s nemesis president Museveni, but rather letting everyone know about her trip to the Holy land.

Sources tell us, the only thing on her lips nowadays is her meeting with Pope Benedict and His possible visit to the country next year.

She also carries around the Pope’s pictures everywhere she goes and pleads to everyone to keep praying for the papal visit, as was president Museveni’s recent appeal to the nation.

Officials at FDC were initially infuriated by her trip with the president without formally informing the party top organs, which they say was in breach of the parties policies.

FDC spokesperson John Kikonyogo recently told ChimpReports that Musumba personally chaired the meeting where party heads agreed to officially write to the party president of Secretary General before partaking in such national activities.

However, FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso was later to exonerate her saying that her excitement was because of her deep attachment to Catholicism.

“We know that Hon Musumba is a good catholic and like any other, given an opportunity to go to meet the pope, you just have to hurry when the opportunity lasts” Alaso recently told press.


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