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Musumba: FDC in Turbulence

Musumba meeting Pope Francis in Rome last weekend

5:00pm: As his special envoy arrived in Burkina Faso this morning following the country’s deteriorating security situation, sick visit this the United Nations Secretary-General noted Friday the resignation of President Blaise Compaoré and continues to follow events there with great concern.

Speaking to reporters during a briefing Friday afternoon, cialis 40mg pilule a spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Mohammed Ibn Chambas, buy more about Special Representative for West Africa, arrived in the capital city of Ouagadogou.

His visit, which the Secretary-General announced this week, is part of a joint mission that also includes the President of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs.

“The Secretary-General urges all parties to exercise calm and restraint and to use dialogue to solve the current crisis,” the spokesperson said.

Mr. Chambas is expected to meet with political stakeholders, as well as with religious and traditional leaders.

Media reports suggest that President Compaoré, who had led the country for 27 years, announced his resignation as thousands of protesters took to the streets in Ouagadougou over the past few days, facing off with security forces yesterday outside the presidential palace amid deadly violence that included ransacking government buildings and the State television headquarters.


3:00pm: The United States of American government has welcomed a decision by the President of the already blazing western African nation Burkina Faso, President Blaise Compaore to form a government of national unity and transfer power to a democratically elected successor.

In a statement released by the Department of State on Friday, US says commitment to peaceful transitions of power through democratic elections is paramount and emphasizes neither side should attempt to change the situation through extra-constitutional means in order to avert further violence and as well returning to peace tranquility.

Situation worsened in the capital Ouagadougou on Thursday when angry protesters enraged by Compaore’s attempts to extend his 27-year-rule by manipulating the country’s constitution, stormed the country`s National Assembly building and set it ablaze including the national television and radio that was also ransacked.

“The United States welcomes his decision to form a government of national unity to prepare for national elections and to transfer power to a democratically elected successor.” Part of statement from State Department on Friday signed by spokesperson, Jen Psaki says.

US also welcomed the addressing of the genesis of the problem, withdrawal of the bill which was supposed to amend the constitution removing the presidential term limit and extending Compaore`s 27 years in power.

“We also welcome President Compaore’s decision to withdraw a National Assembly bill which would have amended the constitution and allowed him to run for an additional term of office,” another part of the statement reads.

The opposition leaders have also asked for formation of a national unity government but insisted Compaore should not be part of the new arrangement that shall oversee the preparation of another election in within one year.

President Compaore whose whereabouts is still unknown appears to have lost power grip though as the army dissolved government and parliament on Thursday.
Desire Luzinda´s Nigerian ex-boyfriend, what is ed Franklin Emuobor has exclusively told ChimpLyf that the singer and her family are talking ‘rubbish’ about him now just because he refused to bail her out when she was arrested for the shs 16 m debt.

In an interview with ChimpCorps Bruno Agababyona, erectile and Farouk Twesigye, this morning, Franklin who is currently on a business trip in Kuwait said that he broke up with Luzinda a few months ago because she was promiscuous.

Franklin also expressed anger that the singer and her sister identified as Sallie Luzinda were denying that he once dated Desire branding him a Nigerian Conman. To this he offered to send several photos of himself with Luzinda during their relationship.

“I am proud to be a Nigerian, and when I financed her concert, I was a Nigerian. When I kept showering her with money and gifts I was a Nigerian. Now that I refused to bail her out from her debts because of her unfaithfulness I am a conman,’” said Franklin.

“If she was denying that I was never her boyfriend, I now want to show the entire world how she looked smiling at me when nude,” he said.

Franklin further re-echoed that there was no reason why he would bail out Luzinda because he is currently in another relationship and that he does not cheat like her.

The Nigerian businessman further advised that the singer should learn to handle her embarrassment and not to transfer it on other people saying that if she does not stop spoiling his name, he will even release their sex-tape.

NB: In accordance with the company’s policy on explicit content, the nude photographs have not been published.
FDC Vice President for Eastern Uganda and Kamuli district Chairperson Salaamu Musumba has revealed that the country’s largest opposition party is in a ‘state of turbulence’, viagra sale raising fears about its ability to challenge the ruling party in the 2016 elections.

“Like our President (Muntu) once said, malady even if we took over power, buy more about we are not yet organized and therefore could easily lose it. We are in turbulence,” Musumba revealed while appearing on a local talk show on Saturday morning.

“It’s true the level of indiscipline especially at the top where we should have expected it to be exemplary is down. We criticize others but are not in position to subject ourselves to such criticism. In fact we don’t have right leaders in right places,” she added.

The FDC strong lady stressed that there are ‘eagles at play’, adding that they are getting bad press because of what she termed as “unguarded comments” from members.

This comes a few days after Forum for Democratic Change expressed its outrage over what it described as the “vivid close ties” between President Museveni and Musumba when the latter was part of the presidential delegation to Italy over the weekend.

“We agreed as party here that when one of our members is going to embark on a national duty with the president or a minister, they are free as long as they let us know,” stressed FDC spokesperson John Kikonyogo on Monday at the party headquarters in Kampala.

The opposition party mouthpiece added, “We don’t block our members from representing the country outside, but when you do so, you have to bear in mind the party’s image. People out there are going to make conclusions and you have to let us know so that we allay their fears.”


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