Museveni Writes to Ministers, IGP on Illegal Fishing Activities

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM Presidential flag-bearer on Saturday stormed the West Nile Region to a colourful yellow welcome and hopeful message telling supporters, sickness “I am coming to celebrate victory with you.”

Museveni, cure who concluded a highly successful campaign trail of Lango region with a message of hope and record of success, reiterated his pledge to boost UPE and USE by providing free exercise books, mathematical sets and sanitary pads to keep girls in school.

He said parents will remain with the responsibility of providing uniform and food for their children.

President Museveni also assured Ugandans that graduates with no jobs will be retooled in technical skills to create jobs and incomes.

While addressing his supporters at Omach Primary School in Pakwach Town Council, Museveni  said the NRM is a party of peace and unity and called for their support to maintain it.

Museveni's supporters displaying his poster

Museveni’s supporters displaying his poster

“NRM believes in unity of all Ugandans. It does not believe in religious or tribal sectarianism, looking down upon the youth, women and the disabled. We value everybody,” he said.

The President who was welcomed by Chief Odong Mandir, Chairman of Jonam cultural leaders and his deputy Chief Charles Otober, advised the people to engage in activities that will bring in household incomes such as poultry and cattle rearing, citrus fruit growing among others.

On employment, Museveni pointed out that many factories in the region are set to add value to the country’s produce such as maize, oils etc.

He said this will create more jobs especially for the youth and a market for our produce.
President Museveni has directed the Minister of Local Government Adolf Mwesige to immediately liaise with the Chief Administrative Officers and ascertain why no disciplinary action has been taken against fisheries officers involved in illegal fishing and trade in connivance with the Beach management Units and committees.

“If those officers have failed in their supervisory roles, doctor they should be dismissed. Those complaints should be investigated immediately and disciplinary action taken, sickness ” said Museveni.

“All Fisheries Officers should stop their activities in connection with Fisheries standards Enforcement because they are the problem.”

The President also directed the Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Tress Buchanayandi to stop forthwith the activities and operations of the Beach management Units and Committees and for Fisheries Officers to stop their activities.

In a letter dated November 11, 2015, the President said he has been receiving complaints about the manner in which beach management officers, Fisheries officers and police officers and other employees of the Fisheries department have been carrying out their enforcement activities and the illegal activities they are involved in including illegal fishing and trade, extortion of money from fishermen, corruption, connivance with fishermen to use illegal fishing methods, gears and trading in immature fish.

“These illegal activities have led to the depletion of fish in the lakes which has immensely affected the economy in terms of closure of fish factories, loss of jobs, investors etc,” charged Museveni.

“These people are also involved in mistreating fishermen who do not cooperate with them. Sometimes, they prefer criminal charges against them. As such the purpose for which they were created has not been fulfilled,” he added.

The President wants the Ministry to come up with strict guidelines on their operations, activities, elections and dismissal.

He has also directed that Fisheries Officers and employees of the fisheries department who have been engaged in illegal fishing activities should be investigated in liaison with Resident District Commissioners and disciplinary action taken.

In a separate letter to the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura, the President directed the immediate withdrawal of all the Police officers involved in the enforcement of fisheries related matters until the Ministry of Agriculture puts a proper mechanism in place.

He also directed the investigation of police officers implicated by the fishermen and community members and take the necessary action against them.


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