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Museveni Promises Free Exercise Books to All School Children

President Museveni has said that as part of his continued efforts to improve the education system, sick more about http://davepallone.com/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp.php he is set to introduce a system of giving free exercise books to school-going children throughout the country.

Addressing residents of Lira Town Council at Lira Municipal grounds on Thursday afternoon, the President  said that education is crucial as far as development is concerned, adding that each country has to emphasize and embrace  it .

“We want to give free books to all school children on top of USE and UPE so that parents are only left with providing uniforms and some little money for lunch,” Museveni said.

The president, who after addressing rally in Alebtong used a chopper to rush to Lira amidst a heavy downpour, excited the local residents with his skills in fluently speaking the local dialect.

Incumbent Museveni was handed a spear and a stool by the elders in Lira

Incumbent Museveni was handed a spear and a stool by the elders in Lira

“There is need to emphasize technical education. We shall make sure each constituency has at least one technical school. We will make sure students who graduate and don’t have jobs are catered for to go to technical schools and study any course of their choice,” he emphasized.

Supporting Innovators

The president said that government will emphasize expanding the innovation fund in a bid to encourage people involved in starting up small scale industries, which he noted would help create employment opportunities especially for the youth.

“I want to encourage those who can start small scale industries like milling machines to do so because we have a fund that will be increased to encourage more innovators. We need   to ensure that we at least don’t sell maize grains but process it and gain more.”

Museveni's rallies were interrupted by rain

Museveni’s rallies were interrupted by rain

Museveni added, “When you sell maize grains, you not only get little money but also lose out on the other products from the maize like animal feeds.”

The president urged the residents of Lira to make proper use of the achievements of the NRM government to their area like the infrastructure and security for their benefit; using roads and electricity to create some employment opportunities.

“We shall continue constructing new dams like Karuma whose construction is going on. We are to increase on the roads but you have to make better use of all these.”

On compensation to their lost cattle during the war, Museveni promised that government would work on seeing that everyone is compensated plus the veterans.

“We have been putting in shs20 billion in cattle compensation but we shall put in more money to see that all are compensated and we do away with it. This will however be done through prioritization like we have   always done it in batches.”

The president’s speech was interrupted for almost   45 minutes by a heavy downpour that started as soon as he had arrived at the Lira Municipal grounds.

He however noted that the showers were a sign of blessings that he got from the people of Lango sub-region.

He was later handed a spear, shield and stool by elder indicating that he is a strong fighter.


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