Museveni Praises Artisans, Promises Support

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Museveni one one of the stopovers

President Yoweri Museveni has commended over 10 separate groups that are in the business of making furniture, metal fabrication and welding, among others, for the good work doing in the production of sofa chairs, tables and beds among other products that enable them earn income.

The President, who today made over 10 stopovers at each of the group stations in Banda in Kampala district, Kireka, Bweyogerere and Namanve in Wakiso district and lastly in Nakawa in Kampala district along the Kampala – Jinja highway, told the groups that he has always seen what they do whenever he travels on that road.

He informed them that he had now come to their places to assess the type of support that they require with a view to empower further so that are able to improve and modernize their numerous skills.

Museveni assured the groups that the State House Comptroller, Lucy Nakyobe, who was also on the tour, would come to discuss with them their different enterprises in order to ensure that they are supported to further enhance what they are already doing.

While at Kireka, the President’s presence in the area attracted a multitude of people at each station such as Kireka Furniture Association and Kireka Youth Timber Yard.

The groups thanked the President for taking off time from his busy schedule to witness their various activities that help them to earn some income in order to support their families in the short term but also contribute to the growing of the national economy by rendering services that Ugandans appreciate.



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