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Museveni Orders UWA as Elephants Terrorise Agago District

Presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has revealed there is no planned political transition in NRM that would see an emergence of a new President, more about http://cides.med.up.pt/templates/yoo_revista/warp/systems/joomla/layouts/com_contact/contact/default_articles.php Chimp Corps report.

Besigye gave the example of former Premier Amama Mbabazi, this http://chat.novaintermed.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-media-v1-1-endpoint.php who at one time accused the FDC strongman of “jumping the queue”, which the former insists does not exist.

“Mbabazi thought he was in the queue; he sat and waited but nothing fruitful came out from his patience,” said Besigye who was warmly received by thousands of supporters in Sironko District on Monday.

“Museveni continued making promises that he would soon hand over power. But Mbabazi realised his time was not coming. He also had to jump the queue,” Besigye said in Luganda, attracting a standing ovation from the excited crowds.

“Every time you vote for Museveni, he plans to change the laws to entrench his power. He doesn’t have a single plan of leaving the stage,” added Besigye, who has thrice lost to Museveni in presidential elections.

President Museveni took power by the gun in 1986.

Several NRA historicals have since abandoned the head of state to form the opposition, accusing him of reneging on his pledge to hand over power.

In his defence, Museveni argues that people still love his presidency.

Crowds listening to Besigye yesterday

Crowds listening to Besigye yesterday

Appearing on The Capital Gang show in December 2014, Museveni said whenever he wants to retire “’people say tajjagenda, tajjagenda (he will not go).’”

He also condemned the commercialisation of politics; citing NRM which he said lacks selfless leaders.

Besigye revealed how he had treated Museveni “when he had nothing, but some of the NRM supporters are driven by money.”

The former NRA political commissar today heads to Kayunga for his campaign rallies.
President Museveni has ordered the Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya to find ways of fighting elephants that disturb the people in Agago district.

The President issued the order on Monday evening while addressing supporters at Bardege village, visit this site http://daa.asn.au/wp-includes/bookmark-template.php Aupere parish, this web Kalongo Town Council in Agago district.

The president told the crowds he could not campaign after the stipulated time of 6:00pm, adding, “My campaign is now over and I am now speaking as president of Uganda.”

He then gave instructions: “I have directed the UWA director to come immediately and deal with the elephants that are disturbing you and your property. He should also send people to see how you will solve the problem.”

ChimpReports understands elephants from the nearby Kidepo National Park always cross to the sub-counties of Lapono, Omiya Pachwa, Paimol, Parabongo and Kalongo – terrorizing the residents and destroying their property especially gardens.

Museveni said alternatively the authority can look at other measures that would help stop the elephants from attacking and destroying the locals’ property.

“I was told elephants don’t like bees, red pepper and tea. For bees it is understandable due to their harm. For tea, I understand the elephants hate open areas but only bushes. The idea of bees can be good economically as we get honey and get some money on top of fighting the elephants.”

Museveni addressing the rally

Museveni addressing the rally

He said government will find physical ways of fighting the elephants.

“May be we can plant tea around the villages so the animals are kept away.”

Museveni told the mammoth crowds at Bardege that he was happy to see the area developing after being ravaged by the LRA war that left many people dead while others were displaced.

He said most areas have been connected with electricity but noted that major roads that had not been worked upon are being tarmacked, citing one  from Masindi-Apac-Lira –Kitgum and Soroti – Patong – Abim whose funding he said had been secured.

The president jokingly said the people of Northern Uganda should go around the country campaigning for him as an appreciation for the peace he restored in their area that had been under siege by the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgents led by Joseph Kony.

The president will on Tuesday head to Karamoja region where he is expected to address rallies in Abim and Kaabong districts before going to Kotido and Moroto on Wednesday; Amudat, Napak and Nakapiripit later on Thursday.

Museveni ordered UWA to address the issue of elephants in Agago

Museveni ordered UWA to address the issue of elephants in Agago


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