Museveni: NRM Constitution Gives Me SG Powers

Chimp Investigations Unit 

A top secret intelligence report into the clandestine operations of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to take over the highest and most coveted political office in the land in 2016 has leaked exclusively to Chimpreports.

The damning dossier sheds ample light on the covert and mysterious work of Mbabazi’s wife Jacqueline in mobilising support for her husband as the much-anticipated polls draw closer.

It also blows the lid off Museveni’s discomfort at Mbabazi’s behind-the-scenes manoeuvres which officials said borders on “treason.”

Mbabazi was sacked almost a fortnight ago and replaced by his close friends and NRA historical Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

Jacqueline clandestine work

According to the intelligence report seen by Chimpreports, sick buy information pills http://cjr.edu.mx/components/com_k2/models/item.php on September 6, pharmacy Jacqueline met supporters of his husband at Tooro Royal Cottages.

She reportedly informed supporters about the progress of the 2016 project, saying come rain or shine PM Amama Mbabazi must stand in 2016 through NRM structures to defeat president Museveni.

Jacqueline went ahead to inform Mbabazi’s loyalists about the alleged misuse of public funds given to President Museveni’s allies from his tribe.

She asked members whether they received 2 million seedlings of coffee from Hon. Mbabazi as a person not the Office of Prime Minister and told them that “other things are coming.”

The firebrand woman, who raised eyebrows when she accused NRM of operating mafia cliques to mistreat her husband, also informed supporters that they distributed several motorcycles to the kingdom of Tooro through Prime Minister Steven Kaliba and that he would distribute them equally to the seven Districts of the monarchy on loan.

She also informed them that in October 2014 each district of Uganda would get a vehicle for the district task force for easy mobilization.

This was part of her clandestine work as Mbabazi prepared to grace swearing-in ceremony of the new leadership of Amacumu ne Bitara, the King’s army in Tooro Kingdom, at Muchwa in Fort Portal.

At that time, the President had been invited to launch Queen Mother Best Foundation at King Oyo’s Karuzika Hill in Fort Portal, just a day after Mbabazi’s function.

Neither Mbabazi nor his wife Jacqueline was readily available for comment on this report.

Plot widens

On September 15, Jacqueline met some leaders of Omukama of Tooro at Mountains of the Moon Hotel from 9:00pm – 1:00am where they agreed to embarrass the president in Kabarole by asking him to give them all their properties seized by Milton Obote after the abolition of Kingdoms.

The youth would as well yell at Museveni during his speech to show their disaffection.

Mbabazi trip

With all the groundwork complete, Mbabazi travelled to FortPortal

for the inauguration ceremony.

He was welcomed by thousands of people. During the function, Mbabazi promised that government would hand over all their properties.

Interestingly, the intelligence report notes, Kabarole LCV chairperson James Byamukama, the area DPC, DISO and RDC were not officially informed as is the custom when hosting high profile leaders.

They were surprised to learn at the last minute that Mbabazi was the chief guest at the function.

It is thought Mbabazi’s allies wanted him to win support of the people of Kabarole before Museveni, whom the kingdom had accused of not releasing their properties, arrived.

“It was like a Game of Thrones,” recounts an official who spoke to this investigative website on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the press.

When Mbabazi was invited to speak, he noted: “Patience is a virtue. The matter is a settled matter. Anyone who has a claim to anything such of property will get it without hesitation in accordance with the law and where Government has an interest in that property you will be compensated,” said Mbabazi.

Despite the fact that the Kingdom’s Amacumu ne Bitara, had earlier clashed with police in street battles over the monarchy’s properties, Mbabazi did not condemn their acts.

He simply noted: “I have not heard that you are a rebel group. As long as you act in accordance with the law, you are safe and have no reason to fear. You will serve your kingdom best if you are strong.”

A highly placed source said it’s such “controversial and populist” remarks that unsettled Museveni on that Saturday night as he prepared to visit the kingdom on Monday September 8.


When Museveni visited the Kingdom, he was informed that preparations were underway to humiliate him.

Indeed, the youth minister, Tonny Kalyegira, asked him why he was delaying to hand over the kingdom’s properties.

Museveni could not control his temper after this provocation. Museveni rarely loses his cool in public unless when he intends to intimidate the opposition.

Museveni’s heart was evidently bleeding and here was a one Kalyegira assuring him that the youth “have many business projects on paper but they can’t take off because you are taking forever to give us what belongs to us.”

A visibly angry Museveni immediately blasted the official, saying he did not come to answer queries about the kingdom assets but to launch the Queen mother Best Foundation association and the SACCOs in Burahya.

“I have been hearing about the return of Kingdom assets for a long time but I can’t respond because it will hurt you. I understand Tooro Kingdom gets her shares fully like any other part of the country. Do you know that local governments in Tooro kingdom have been getting their shares from the central government?” he charged.

The president added: “I’ve no immediate answer to that but there is a proverb in the Bible which says, “Blessed are the patient ones as the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them”.

He said, “Government clashed with Buganda kingdom when we stopped the Kabaka from travelling to Kayunga but he insisted. This was after several warnings. The recent clashes were reported in Bundibugyo when a group loyal to Rwenzururu kingdom attacked the government institutions leaving hundreds dead and we responded by smashing them”.

The President intended to send a message he was receptive to dialogue on the contentious issues of properties but that his determination to crush any uprising in Tooro was steadfast.

State Houses say Museveni left the kingdom with a wounded heart.

Kololo meetings

On September, 2014, a group of 32 people from Kyenjojo District went to Mbabazi’s place in Kololo where Hon. Mbabazi thanked them for being loyal to him and promised them that he will not betray them in 2016 elections before leaving the premises at around 2:30pm.

Jacqueline informed them about their work plans and how they should send quietly popularise her husband’s candidature in the district.

They were also tasked to “identify popular people and mobilize them” for the same cause so that they can meet Mbabazi physically.

They were also told to mobilise district councillors and other people to stand for positions of NRM so that Mbabazi’s allies are the majority in national delegates’ conference.

She informed her visitors that Amama will be become the president through the structures of NRM and that vehicles would soon be imported for proper mobilization of people.

Some of the people who attended the meeting were a one Mpamizo, Muhumuza, Prosper and Sanyu.

They were given sh.300,000 each as their facilitation of transport and accommodation


On September 13, Jacqueline and Hon. Hope Mwesigye moved to popularise Mbabazi’s presidential bid through Miss Kigezi that was planned by Banyakigezi in London last month.

Miss Kigezi was given a Nadia Brand vehicle by Mbabazi’s family on top of fuel for the whole year.

On September 14, Hope Mwesigye organized her supporters who included district councillors totalling 32 people at their elder’s sister Joy Zatwoshaho’s place in Mwanjara Southern Division.

They agreed to mobilize other district councillors to support Mbabazi in 2016, identify other good mobilisers so that Mbabazi can as well meet them physically.

They were promised to be equipped with information to show that government sponsored students are mainly from one tribe in western Uganda and that top government jobs are given to members of the same ethnic group.

They were told that very soon they would receive several vehicles for mobilization before being handed Shs 50,000 as transport refund.

The ruling National Resistance Party Chairman, approved http://craigpatchett.com/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php President Museveni has told caucus members that the party constitution gives him powers to even perform Secretary General’s (SG) responsibilities.

Addressing the caucus at State House Entebbe on Monday, http://ctrdv.fr/pmb3/opac_css/includes/templates/search_persopac.tpl.php Museveni assured the members that “there is no and there never be any administration gap in the biggest party that had now consolidated power for over 28 years.”

The caucus which sat without the presence of the party’s Secretary General Amama Mbabazi saw members wondering how the party would move forward since the better part of powers to run the political organisation’s activities are constitutionally vested in the SG.

“Honourable members, I have realized our party constitution gives me powers as the party chairman to do work for the party and I am going to do them. We had always thought only the SG can do certain things but the party chairman can as well do them,” said Museveni.

The remarks come at a time of heightened political tensions in the ruling party as Mbabazi prepares himself to challenge Museveni for presidency in 2016.

Mbabazi maintains he does not intend to stand against Museveni who was endorsed as the sole candidate for NRM by MPs at a special meeting at Kyankwanzi this year.

Mbabazi, who insists harbouring presidential ambitions is not a crime, said the sole candidature resolution was  simply an expression of MPs’ thoughts and that it was not legally binding.

According to the NRM constitution, the SG has the powers to convene the National Delegates Conference which solely handles party’s top position and primary elections, amendment of the party’s constitution and others.

The SG is also the secretary of the Central Executive Committee (CEC), the party’s highest decision making organ which is traditionally chaired by the chairman, his deputy or an official delegated by the former.

President Museveni also told party members that he is going to call and personally meet Mbabazi who did not show up, to discuss way forward for the party.

“I am personally going to invite Hon. Mbabazi for a talk to see how to make things move for the good of our party,” Museveni told members who appeared unbothered, according to a source who attended the meeting.

The MPs also discussed preparations for the NRM primaries slated for early next year.

Chimpreports recently revealed that the ruling party is set for a total overhaul of all structures in what appears a move to weaken the arm of Mbabazi in running the institution’s affairs.

According to recommendations by a select committee seen by ChimpReports, the NRM will soon embark on a nationwide six-month registration exercise of all its members.

This will lead to the formation of a new voters’ register for party after the original one was hidden by Mbabazi’s daughter, Nina Mbabazi.

It was reported that Nina demanded shs3bn from NRM to pay off a debt incurred in the compilation of the register.

But Mbabazi is said to have told the party’s top leadership that the register is well kept at his office along Aki Bua road in Nakasero.

Officials told this investigative website that much of the structural changes in the party will take place before the primaries slated for April 2015 ahead of the 2016 general elections.

According to many insiders, the Kyankwanzi resolutions were not simply to proclaim President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in the 2016 race but also shifting power previously held by the Secretary General, his wife Jacqueline Mbabazi and daughter Nina Mbabazi.

The formation of a select a Committee on Primaries with the immediate task of studying the chaotic Namboole 2010 primary elections, was based on the informed opinion of coming up with totally new arrangements.

“We recommend that the process of recruitment and registration of members commence urgently with the commitment of creating a new register in 6 months,” reads part of the recommendations reads in part.

The party will also procure 112 computers with all necessary Information Technology back up devices and accessories to be stationed at each NRM district office across the country. This process will be launched by the party chairman President Museveni.

NRM will dispatch 60,000 yellow books to each village chairman for registration of party members both old and new ones including those without cards.

According to the committee, the books shall be returned to districts in a month to enter the records in computers before the data is stored at the NRM secretariat.

The Electoral Commission will also be replaced with a fresh body whose mandate and leadership is being prepared.


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