Museveni Mocks Opposition on Misguided Priorities

In the midst of pilling pressure from a large section of his constituents to explain his decision to abandon his, ampoule long time associate Col Dr Kizza Besigye in favor of new entrant Amama Mbabazi, Busiro East member of parliament Hon Medard Segona has made it clear that his decision was rationally made and he would reverse it.

Ssegona revealed yesterday that he holds no grudge against the FDC strongman but added that time had come to ‘think out of the box.’

“Its true that Dr Besigye played a very big role towards my journey to parliament because he directly campaigned for me. I appreciate that but I have also played a role towards his political journey which even involved defending him in courts of law on various offences,” Ssegona revealed on a radio talk show.

He added that he has been in struggle with Dr Besigye for over 15 years.

Segona is now going forward

Segona is now going forward

“Some people are still telling me to go back to him but I tell them that that’s now behind me. I made a choice and I will stick to it.”

The legislator went on to blame the same people for threatening him that they would mobilize Busiro East voters not to vote him back to parliament

“So now my support for Amama Mbabazi is what people are using to measure my poor legislation, when all this while I have been praised. Is it that when I support Dr Besigye I become the best legislator?”

He described joining Mbabazi’s camp as “thinking ahead of others,” adding that one day his constituents would thank him.

“We are not looking for who will defeat the other between Amama and Besigye; our aim is to go to State House,” he noted.

President Museveni has criticized the opposition for being ungrateful and under looking NRM’s efforts to set a foundation for Uganda’s transformation over the years and instead resorting to criticism.

The President noted that prioritization has been an enabler for other programs soon to be rolled out as the party’s next manifesto looks to elevate the economy to middle class status.

He highlighted peace and security, website immunization, buy education and ICT as being the very cores for development of any country.

The NRM party chairman and flag bearer for the 2016 Presidential elections relayed this during the official launch of the NRM manifesto on Friday at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

He borrowed the analogy of a growing child to deliver his message, noting that transformation of Uganda is a process that involves several stages.

“I hear these people (opposition) say ‘we can’t eat security.’ But am glad they acknowledge that. In countries like Somalia, Iraq and Yemen people are not even safe to begin talking about development” added Museveni who was escorted by the VP Edward Sekandi, party secretary General, Justine Lumumba, Premier Ruhakana Rugunda among others.

“You can’t expect the child go to school when they are still crawling. We can’t achieve everything at a go but we can do it through identifying our priorities. By following these stages, we are going forward”

The President stressed that there must be an established foundation before the unfinished things are dealt with.

He took a swipe on the opposition claiming that they have a wrong ideology which will endanger Uganda’s interests.

“Our NRM ideology is rooted in patriotism and Pan Africanism. Those who don’t understand that will endanger our interests. Uganda can best solve its problems as a whole instead of sectarianism and tribalism.”

Museveni urged party leaders to rethink NRM’s organization strategy basing on community participation like was the case during the Luweero struggle that brought NRA turned NRM to power. Much as he admitted that NRM is currently faced with an organizational crisis, he made a commitment that the party will perfect eliminate the existing ‘weevil’.

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