Museveni, Mbabazi Not Fit For President -NRM MP

Buliisa County MP Hon Stephen Birahwa Mukitale (NRM)

President Yoweri Museveni has overshot his days as Head of State and chairman of the ruling NRM party, while Former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi isn’t a befitting successor, a senior member of parliament has said.

Buliisa County Mp Hon Stephen Birahwa Mukitale (NRM) stated that President Museveni who has steered Uganda since January 1986 unbelievably seeks a fifth term in office.

Speaking at the just concluded Citizen consultative meeting on electoral reforms in Kampala, Hon Mikitale noted that Uganda was almost entirely being managed by old and exhausted men and women, and hastened to push the blame on the country’s reluctant youth population.

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“I am disappointed by the youths of Uganda. I keep asking when they will rise up and take up leadership of our political parties?” he said.

While Ugandans especially in the opposition castigate the president for overstaying his welcome, Mukitale noted that some other youths were busy begging him to stay a little longer.

“It was our NRM youths who launched the sole candidature campaign. It is the youths who are imposing it on the president.”

The proposal to have Museveni run unopposed in the NRM flag-bearer was brought in February by 30-year-old MP Evelyn Anite at the party retreat in Kyankwanzi.

Mukitale wondered when the youths would feel old and fit enough to take up national leadership positions.

That 65-year-old Amama Mbabazi was the closest possible replacement of president Museveni in NRM, Mukitale described such as a tragedy for the ruling party.

He stated at the opposition dominated National Conference, “I am opposed to these NRM historicals who joined the liberation struggle in the 1970s. It is absurd that many years later now, we should be switching from Museveni to Mbabazi. It is unfortunate.”

“We should now be talking of a new generation because the children of these people are now 40 years. When do they intend to leave stage for their children?”

Mukitale’s remarks come only a few weeks to the December NRM delegates’ conference at the Mandela national stadium where the single candidature issue is expected to be nailed as well as other means of neutralizing the defiant Mbabazi camp.

The latter has already confirmed attendance, despite being on leave as Secretary General.

At the Africana conference which proposed a set of electoral reforms to be effected ahead of 2016, Mukitale went on to suggest constitutional amendments to trim the powers of the president.

He apportioned blame of most of the country’s multiparty democracy shortfalls on both the framers of the 1995 constitution and the hurried shift to multiparty dispensation in 2005.

“We should not have moved fast into multiparty. We needed at least a five – year transition after the referendum, to bring the old and ‘castrated’ political parties to the same level the powerful and constitutionalized NRM.”


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