Museveni Lawyers Respond to Result Inconsistencies, Ruling Date Set

EC,Attorney General and President Museveni's lawyers share a word

Supreme Court has set March 31 as day for delivering a decision on the Presidential election petition filed by former independent candidate, viagra buy Amama Mbabazi.

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe applauded the legal teams for both the petitioner and respondents for their efforts during the hectic and time bound proceedings.

The last one week has seen the petitioner through his lawyers; Mohammed Mbabazi, Severino Twinobusingye, Michael Akampurira, Asumani Basalirwa and Jude Byamukama face the task of building their case before court and submit evidence.

The respondents; Yoweri Museveni, Electoral Commission and the Attorney General would later respond to allegations and issues put forward by Mbabazi’s team among them non compliance, interference in electioneering, voter  intimidation and bribery.

On Saturday, the petitioner while making his rejoinder submissions accused the Electoral Commission of declaring results that differed from those on tally sheets. They pleaded that court annuls the election since such an action rendered results concocted and not a reflection of the people’s will.

Mohamed Mbabazi told court that in districts of Kabale and Jinja candidates tallied no votes but eventual DR forms suddenly appeared to have mysterious figures. They also questioned the possibility of all registered voters turning up to vote and in some cases all voting for a single candidate.

However Kiryowa Kiwanuka who represented Museveni and the other respondents in their summation responses said Mbabazi’s submissions were an utter misunderstanding of facts and the law.

“The DR forms are not inconsistent with the tally sheets as the petitioner alleges. At the time of Dr. Kigundu’s declaration of results on February 20, a total of 1,787 poll stations hadn’t returned results. This explains the zeros the petitioner cited in Kabale and Jinja,”

He punched more holes in the petitioner’s claims saying declaration forms were signed by agents of all candidates an action that in effect confirms their validity.

On the issue of 100 percent voter turn up at some polling stations, Museveni’s team said that the petitioner lacked evidence.

“The petitioner ought to know that DR forms don’t indicate the number of registered voters but rather the total number of people who come to vote.”

Kiwanuka further questioned; “Where is the proof that in fact some of these voters in Kiruhura and other places had traveled or even died? If anything, what’s wrong with 100% voter turn up? I thought that’s what we crave for?,”

In the days leading up to the final ruling by court, the 9 Justices of the Supreme court will have to examine submissions and affidavits from all parties in the petition. The constitution demands that a decision on a Presidential election petition be reached within 30 days.

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