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Museveni: I Am Tired of Fundraising for NRM

Over 30 finance ministers from across the world have confirmed their attendance at the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) High-level Symposium in Kampala, page http://cdcsmiles.com/wp-includes/class-wp-simplepie-sanitize-kses.php the Minister of State for Finance (General Duties) Hon. Fred Jachan Omach has said.

From November 4, http://creativecommons.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/widget-visibility.php 2015, Uganda in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), will host the three-day symposium to contribute to strengthening the global partnership for the benefit of people all over the world.

The Symposium, which is also supported by contributions from UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), will take place at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Kampala.

The DCF, is the principal platform for global policy dialogue on development cooperation, engaging all stakeholders to review trends and progress in development cooperation.

According to the organizers, the Kampala Symposium is one of three global engagements that will contribute to the 5th High-level Meeting of the Development Cooperation Forum of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, to be held in New York in July 2016.

While speaking to Journalists at Media Centre, the Minister of State for Finance said the meeting will provide a platform for evidence based sharing.

“It will ultimately produce concrete policy guidance on development cooperation post-2015, to put into practice at international, regional, national and local level,” Omach said.

The Symposium will be officiated by President Museveni and co-chaired by the Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations.

Over 200 Ministers, high-level representatives and experts from all regions of the world will convene for an informal and frank dialogue, leading to practical advice on implementation of the SDGs.

“The Uganda DCF provides a first opportunity to discuss, under the United Nations auspices, and with participation of all development cooperation actors, the implementation of the Financing for Development agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals,” Omach added.

With the overarching theme “Development Cooperation for a New Era: Making the Renewed Global Partnership for Sustainable Development a Reality,” the symposium will discuss development cooperation for the new agenda: ways to motivate, support and further shape development cooperation as a critical ‘means of implementation’ in the post-2015 era.

The Symposium will also seek to provide answers to how countries, including Uganda, will align development cooperation policies and interventions to implement the SDGs, as well as how to monitor and review the impact of development cooperation on the new sustainable development agenda.

Discussions will take account of specific experiences of countries, and explore the key role of the private sector and other non-state actors; the role of blended financing; the results of development cooperation at country level; and how integrated, aligned and country-driven monitoring and reporting frameworks can work in practice.

“Particular attention will be placed on the challenges that Africa faces as a region. Promoting technology facilitation and capacity building, and addressing gaps in technology, science and innovation will also be central to the discussion,” Omach said.

The Minister said Uganda is honoured to host the important Symposium, which will contribute to making sustainable development, a reality for all.
President Museveni has called for a massive mobilisation of resources to fund the NRM activities instead of relying on him, click http://daiviet.us/wp-includes/rewrite.php Chimp Corps report.

Museveni told NRM delegates at Namboole stadium on Monday evening that money should be raised from supporters.

“We need to also address the issue of Finance for the Party, http://centristnetblog.com/wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php ” said Museveni as he concluded his speech.

“It is high time; you the Ugandans financially supported this mighty organisation that has brought peace to your country. The NRM is yourself.  Support it.”

The comment came against the backdrop of the messy NRM primaries which party leaders attributed to lack of enough funds.

The lack of facilitation for NRM leaders especially at grassroots levels has since caused frustration in the ruling organisation.

Museveni told party leaders he has been fundraising for the Party since August 1971 when Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere gave him the first US$ 50,000 dollars through Mzee Rashid Kawawa.


“During that period, Mwalimu supported us financially.  In the 1981-86 period, we captured resources from the state.  Between 1986 and 2005, the State funded the Party.  Since 2005, I have been struggling with fundraising for the Party,” said the President.

“The Ugandan society has now so developed that the middle class can now, very easily and without any pain, support this Party, only to be joined by the peasants, later when, through wealth creation, they all start earning good incomes,” he added, giving the example of bank account holders which have grown from 150 in 1986 to 6 million.

He emphasised: “Assuming 5 million were NRM supporters or sympathizers and each made a onetime contribution of Shs 40,000, the Party would raise Shs. 200 billion – enough to build the NRM House and execute the present electoral exercise from beginning to end.”

He urged supporters to “send this little money to the NRM account number 1100039293 (Shs Account) and 1100069362 (Dollar Account) in the Housing Finance Bank.”

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