Museveni: I am Ready to Hand Over Power If Defeated

Somali activist, viagra order media entrepreneur and broadcaster, sick Fatuma Abdulahi has said that the era of social media has played a significant role in shaping the political sphere across the African continent.

Abdulahi, who is the founder of the first female owned online publication, Warya Post was delivering a lecture on Media and Politics in Africa at Golf course Hotel, Kampala.

This was part of an annual lecture series organized by Africa Centre for Media Excellence (ACME).

It’s the women marginalization in Somalia and the limitations at the BBC, where she was a producer, which led Abdulahi to create the online platform where Somalis could freely express themselves.

“Unlike the traditional media, social media gives a platform where we are in charge of the conversation, it occurs in real time and is free,” she said.

Much as she admitted that traditional media still reaches a sizable audience, Abdulahi disregarded its lack of dynamic content and less engagement with issues affecting especially young people and women.

In a continent where 200 million are between 15 and 24 years and a growing middle class there’s bound to be a change in the nature of political discourse and debate.

“Youths across Africa are engaging and holding politicians accountable through alternative forms of political sub activism such as trending topics,” said Abdulahi.

The discussion however highlighted existing negatives of online media such as contempt against women, shallow analyses as well as biased information.

As Uganda heads to general elections, it’s clear that social media is already giving a new trend in electioneering. Politicians are leveraging on social media to keep the electorate informed on their campaigns in real time.
President Museveni has allayed fears that he could cling onto power if defeated in the forthcoming general elections early next year.

Addressing journalists at the Presidential Lodge in Arua on Thursday morning, for sale the President said he has a lot of other things to do which he said await his attention the moment he exits State House.

“I have my own job at home of keeping cattle. Why would I stay when I have been defeated in the elections? I am not power hungry but I have missions to accomplish. I can’t leave without finishing with them, website ”Museveni said.

The President said that his biggest mission is seeing the total integration of the East African block adding that efforts to have this achieved have already started with Kenya, information pills Tanzania, Rwanda ,South Sudan and Uganda forming the East African community .

“East Africa must unite into a federation and if I can contribute to that, then I will do that. It is one reason I have kept together with other colleagues from other countries and no one can intimidate me from fulfilling that aspiration.”

No Vote Rigging 

The President rubbished claims by the opposition that the electoral commission has always rigged votes for him noting that on several occasions he has lost in some constituencies.

He said he won elections in 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011 adding that the claims of an electoral commission being in his favour are misplaced.

“If the Electoral Commission is biased and rigging for me, how come I have been losing in some areas like the West Nile until recently?”Museveni questioned.

The president questioned why fellow presidential candidates Dr. Kizza Besigye and Amama Mbabazi had to leave government and join opposition adding that this was a mistake they had committed.

“Why didn’t they work with people with experience like myself to be able to solve the problems of the country? We are now in a peaceful country and more developed after they left government to join the opposition,” the president noted.

On the issue of the presidential age limit, Museveni said he will never forego what the constitution says.



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