Museveni Gives Strong Orders to NRM CEC

The historic CEC that forced Mbabazi out of power

The Ugandan Chief of Defence Forces, store http://clockdodgers.com/wp-includes/feed-atom-comments.php Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has recognized the contributions being made by Ugandan female peace keepers in Somalia.

He was this week speaking at the Peace Support Operations Training Center in Nakaseke District in occasion to grant a one month leave to 2896 soldiers of Uganda Battle group XII who last week returned from Somalia after one year tour of duty.

“All our soldiers perform well in Somalia but I want to particularly recognize the contributions our female peacekeepers have made in helping the Somali people in their quest for peace, information pills ” Gen Wamala said.

He observed that the female combatants do sacrifice a little more than their male counterparts and that they have proved the test of time as opposed to the general misconception that females are not capable to perform in combat situation.

“Most of them are mothers but they painfully yet willingly leave their little ones home without mothers’ love in the interest of supporting this noble pan African cause. Yet with all the pains of leaving their babies home, rough weather and challenges of combat like stress, they have persevered and still performed excellently. I thank them very much,” Gen Wamala noted.

There have been situations when some combatants have been repatriated from Somalia for failure to perform as per required standards but no female combatant was repatriated because she was found wanting in her duties.

Gen Wamala said even the men known to be tough in their villages have cowed when it comes to joining the military but the UPDF female combatants have not only braved such fears but also ventured successfully in the once referred to as the most dangerous place on earth.

While in Somalia, the UPDF female combatants perform all other duties their counterparts do including driving and fighting as tank crews, operating Infantry fighting vehicles, Intelligence and negotiating with the terrorists to encourage surrender, logistics management and offering professional catering services to their colleagues, offering medical services to the Somali people and involvement in other civil military activities. In every Ugandan Contingent check point in Somalia, there is a female UPDF combatant.
President Museveni has sternly warned the NRM Central Executive Committee members of “serious consequences” should they leak the details of the Thursday meeting held at State House Entebbe.

“Mzee (President) usually advises that what happens within the party meetings should not go beyond the walls. This time he was giving orders to some of us old men who have been his long-term friends, thumb http://cirgroup.com/typo3conf/ext/sr_email_subscribe/ext_emconf.php ” said a high ranking source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

Museveni said he was “an old hand” in intelligence gathering and that whoever leaks the details of meeting should prepare to see “why I am called Museveni.”

The president was reportedly angered by media reports of the previous meeting that forced Secretary General Amama Mbabazi to take leave until the end of the NRM delegates’ conference in which new leaders will be revealed.

The meeting which started at 11:15am ended at 11:25pm.

CEC members reached State House at 10:00am where they were first ushered to the Canteen for breakfast.

Before accessing the boardroom where the meeting took place, http://chuaxuattinhsom.info/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/functions/upgrade.php members had all their phones and other electronics taken by security irrespective of their seniority.

Only one member, Amelia Kyambadde, the party Treasurer and also former president Museveni`s Principle Private Secretary managed to leave her phone on and with the aide at the State House palatial parking.

After entering the boardroom, the Museveni ordered members that “I don’t want to hear anything in media after this meeting.”

He added: “Don’t talk to these rumour mongers.”

Our sources said the meeting extensively discussed mechanisms of implementing recommendations of Rosemary Sseninde’s investigation report into the chaotic 2010 NRM primaries and how to strengthen party structures.

The report advised on overhauling sensitive and pillars of the ruling party including Electoral Commission, compiling the party’s Voter Register among others.

The report was as a result of investigations undertaken to dissect the problems faced during the NRM Primaries in which many party members expressed dissatisfaction and disappointments over the way in which the elections were conducted.

NRA historical Kahinda Otafiire said then that NRM party had been turned into “a Mbabazi business” given that his relatives were in charge of registration of members and their facilitation.

The committee resolved that a new party register should be made after the original one was hidden by Mbabazi. It was also agreed that a new Electoral Commission should be formed.

More proposals

Sseninde’s report suggested among others that all party leaders apart from the party chairman who is President Museveni should not hold two offices.

It also held the decision of the party maintaining Universal adult suffrage as the best poll approach on condition that it is less manipulated.

The report further had a call for the decentralization of the nomination of primary contenders to reduce the congestion at the NRM secretariat and the expense incurred as a result.

This report proposes that whoever wants to contest for the party’s ticket for the post of the president must pay Shs5m, whereas those contesting for MP seats on the party’s ticket will pay Shs 3m.

To those interested in contesting for district Chairpersonship, Shs500, 000 will be expected from them while local leaders shall pay Shs50, 000. The money generated will enable the party to organise free and fair elections.

It also bears a proposal that the position of secretary general and his or her deputy be made full time jobs to ensure that they dedicate enough time to party.

The same report proposes that positions of party treasurer and his or her deputy should as well be full time jobs.

A call for an independent electoral commission that is free from the influence of senior party leaders and the deployment of police at polling stations as way of ensuring free and fair elections is also contained in the Sseninde report.

The report derived its recommendation from the Committee’s working tours to Namibia, Ghana and Tanzania, where they compared notes with the ruling parties.

While presenting this report in August, Sseninde noted that the recommendations once adopted will go a long way on restoring confidence in the hundreds of legislators who have decided not to go for the primaries sighting cost and irregularities.

Recently, the acting NRM secretary general Dorothy Hyuha issued a notice inviting members to submit any proposals for amendments to the party constitution ahead of the December 15 national delegates’ conference.

Through her communication dated November 4, she set December 5 as the deadline for submission of proposals.

Under rule 42 of the NRM constitution, the Secretary General is mandated within 30 days of the delegates’ conference to receive proposals for amendments to the party constitution from members.


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