Museveni Denies Buying Voters, Abusing Mbabazi

A Police officer in Kazo County in Kiruhura district is being held for shooting and killing two civilians who he accused of causing insecurity around a police station.

The officer identified as Sam Bebirweki opened fire on a group of bodaboda cyclists who had stormed Kanoni Police station purportedly looking for a suspect who had stolen a motorcycle.

The killed were identified as Richard Kankiriho 35, pharm http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/wp-includes/class-wp-site.php from Nyakatokye Ibanda district and one only identified as Edward from Kigoto Kitagwenda Kamwegye district.

This came after a thief was caught with Bajaj motorcycle number UEF 246Q, and which he allegedly stole from one of the cyclists in Kanoni town.

The suspect was luckily rescued by police officers in time, and taken to Kanoni police post.

On Monday, the cyclist organized and raided the post and in trying to force their way into the cells, two of them were gunned down.

A massive riot ensued as the bodaboda chairman in the township, Ronald Mugabe organized fellow riders who blocked the main Kazo –Ibanda road.

They also descended on two houses in the town and set them ablaze. The houses reportedly belonged to the shooter Sam Bebirweki, and a crime preventer only identified as Idi Drogba.

The area District Police Commander Benson Byaruhanga ordered for the arrest of the OC station Tiberindwa and SPC Sam Bebirweki.

The DPC said the officers would be charged for their actions in which unarmed citizens lost their lives.

On the other hand, he cautioned the public against using mob justice, urging them to work together with police.

The development comes only days after another six people in Kasese and Kabarole districts in the same region were shot and killed by police and army officers, after they allegedly tried to grab their guns.

Lawyers representing President Museveni on Wednesday morning started responding to evidence and submissions of Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers in the presidential election petition.

In the morning session, malady http://citybreakguide.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-twitter-cards.php the lawyers led by Didas Nkurunziza told court that there was no proof that their client gave out bribes in form of money and hoes to lure people vote for him at the expense of other presidential candidates.

Nkurunziza told court that the 18 million hoes given out to the people especially in West Nile were part of a continuous government program under the Office of the Prime Minister to issue hoes to women and youth groups throughout the country.

“It was a ministerial policy statement for the financial year 2013/14 by the Office of the Prime Minister presented to parliament for debate on revenue and expenditure, help http://civilianpeaceservice.ca/wp-includes/atomlib.php ” said Nkurunziza. “Among the list of items to be procured and distributed in Northern Uganda were the hoes.”

The lawyer said that the hoes were distributed to the whole country, http://corifentreprises.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php  adding that Museveni intervened in the matter not as a presidential candidate but as the Head of State.

“It is important to know that the president remains one even if it is time of campaigns and he cannot abdicate his responsibilities while it is campaign.”

On the Shs 250, 000 alleged bribe given out to all villages throughout the country, the lawyers citing an affidavit of President Museveni said the money had been promised in August 2015, when campaigns had not kicked off and was meant to facilitate the work of the party programs throughout the country.

“The money was meant for party activities since no party can survive without financing its officials and activities. There is no evidence that the first respondent committed the said offences.”

On remarks made by Museveni following the election violence in Ntungamo district, the lawyers argued that the statements made were not in reference to Mbabazi or any other presidential candidate and their supporters but rather the perpetuators of the violence.

“He was incensed by the actions of some Ugandans beating their fellow Ugandans without any authority and said that if anybody takes laws in their hands, they would face the wrath of the law,” the lawyers argued.

Nkurunziza added, “He didn’t make any reference to the petitioner or his supporters but those who broke the law unless the petitioner wants to say he was part of the violence.”


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