Museveni Blasts Opposition: Leave My ‘Hoes’ Programme Alone

President Museveni has fired back at opposition politicians for attacking him over the hoes he intends to give out to farmers around the country.

Early this week, more about the president ordered the Office of the Prime Minister to procure and distribute over 18 million hoes for farmers, approved an initiative that was criticised by opposition politicians as dragging the country back to rudimentary methods of farming.

Addressing supporters at Moroto Town Council, link Museveni laughed at the politicians whom he said are naïve about farming but simply sit in air conditioned offices in Kampala to criticise his programmes.

“I see some politicians seated in rotating chairs and air-conditioned offices in Kampala criticizing me for buying hoes. Yes I buy them because I know my people need them. This doesn’t stop me from buying tractors,” Museveni said.

“I know more about tractors and new farming methods than those politicians who just sit in offices in Kampala because I am a farmer myself. They don’t know what the farmers what like I do.”

The President clarified that supplying hoes doesn’t stop him from providing tractors but noted that he first provided hoes to the farmers with small pieces of land that are inaccessible and would later cater for those who can afford using tractors.

He told the people of Moroto that government has distributed hoes, oxen and oxen ploughs to be used by farmers in the area.

Museveni emphasised the need to use the available infrastructure like roads and electricity to create wealth by themselves.

He said modern agriculture would better serve this purpose of seeing that the Karamajong get some incomes that would boost their wealth.

Museveni said programmes like NAADS and Operation Wealth Creation would be used to provide seeds and live stock to families as a way of getting them out of poverty.


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