Museveni Awarded Equatorial Guinea’s Highest Honor

President Nguema awarded his friend Museveni with Equatorial Guinea's highest medal

The Equatorial Guinea President, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo on Friday awarded his Ugandan counterpart, Yoweri Museveni with his country’s highest honor medal.

According to a statement released by State House, Museveni is now the recipient of the Equatorial Guinea’s Great Collar of Independence Award.

“I thank the people of Equatorial Guinea for giving me the highest recognition and honour; the Great Collar of Independence Award. I thank you,” Museveni said in the brief statement.

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ChimpReports on Thursday broke the story of Museveni’s planned four days state visit to the oil rich West African Nation on the invitation of his longtime friend, Obiang.

Museveni arrived in Equatorial Guinea on Friday

Museveni arrived in Malabo Equatorial Guinea on Friday

Museveni noted that Bantu people of Africa, also the biggest ethnicity in Uganda, originated from Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

 “The Bantu people of Africa originated from this part of the world, the Cameroon area. While watching some of the cultural performers who were entertaining me, I noticed striking similarities with Ugandan performances,” he stated adding that the long drums, the rhythms are very similar to those of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Uganda’s leader stressed that his presence in Equatorial Guinea is also to reaffirm the oneness of African people, who are either linked or similar and maintained the connectivity should be to build strength and prosperity.

“Our only challenge now is shortage of infrastructure to link us but the easiest way to start is through air transport and telephones. We must solve the problem of the railway from the Indian Ocean to the centre of the continent. We can have rails from Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Doula to the centre.”

Museveni says Equatorial Guinea's oil a blessing

Museveni says Equatorial Guinea’s oil a blessing

Museveni indicated that the trip is premised on economic prosperity and security cooperation between the two nations.

“We are therefore in Equatorial Guinea for two things: looking at how to support prosperity of one another and how to push for our strategic security.”

Museveni congratulated Equatorial Guinea for utilizing her oil and gas “very well,”

“When I was last here for the AU Summit, I noticed gaps between the airport and the city centre,” he said.

“Today, all these gaps were gone. In their place are new, well-planned buildings. And I see the city is refurbished. Some people say oil is a curse but in Equatorial Guinea it is a blessing.”


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