Muntu Warns Against ‘Military Option’ to Remove Museveni

FDC President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu

As the country’s opposition front proceeds to walk a tightrope between employing democratic or forceful means to take over the current government,  Forum Democratic Change President Gen Mugisha Muntu has advised on the most tenable option.

President Muntu counselled on Monday that the country’s opposition ought to focus more on the political means of ending the 3 decade NRM reign, and pay less attention to the military option.

Using the peaceful democratic process to depose president Museveni, Muntu said, would be “a tough job” but less costly than the bloody combat means.

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“Our county is fragile; we must decide wisely and cause change through the political process. It will be tough and to some it might seem impossible. But there is nothing impossible under the sun,” said Muntu while addressing press in Najjanankumbi.

Though there exists “other quicker options,” added Muntu, these tend to come at a hefty cost that the country should only meet when the political process become entirely impossible.

“But luckily in Uganda, we haven’t come to that point yet. Once we are well organized, and focused, we will be able to pull this off by the grace of God.”

Muntu’s observation comes amid unrelenting complaints from critics of his leadership style which they say is less vibrant compared to his predecessor’s Col Dr Kiiza Besigye.

Muntu qualified his stance with the successes that opposition parties registered recently in various by-elections against ruling NRM.

“We have shown this in the by-elections in Bukomansimbi, Jinja, Kasese, Bukoto, and recently in Luweero. We now want to add on Amuru.”

“We know that people have lost hope, but we are telling them that they are the biggest factor in restoring that hope.

“We will also keep talking to the 42 percent who didn’t take part in the previous elections out of frustration. This is a dangerous signal to us and to the NRM itself.”

The NRA bush war hero further warned that rushing to take up arms against government without planning for the time after would plunge the nation into unrest.

“We can cause change, but maintain the county’s dignity. We can send off president Museveni and still maintain Uganda intact. We don’t want him to go and go with the whole country. He is only one person. We are 37 million,” he concluded.


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