Muhiirwa Sent Back to Luzira

Muhirwa heading to court today

Opposition People’s Development Party (PDP) president, approved Dr Abed Bwanika has called upon Parliament to put to task the Governor Bank of Uganda, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile to further explain how he dished out money from state coffers to finance 2011 elections pointed out in media today.


Speaking during the 10th annual meeting of the African Science Academies at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel yesterday, Mutebile was quoted as saying that money from the Central Bank was used to finance indirect expenditures by government during the 2011 general elections.


Mutebile denied Central Bank having printed new money on orders of government to finance the unclear expenses.

He noted that the money was passed on to government through treasury bills but vowed that this was not to happen again.


Dr Bwanika told press at his weekly address on Thursday that given all this confession by the Governor, parliament should not sit by but rather rise up and carry out thorough investigations into Mutebile’s conduct.


“We cannot continue entrusting the country’s treasury and monetary policy into the hands of such an individual; parliament should now investigate his integrity,” Bwanika advised.


He added that Mutebile should be tasked to explain who exactly ordered for the issuance of such monies and how it was spent because the same might happen in the next general elections in 2016.

Failure to do so, the opposition party proposed that the governor should be relinquished of his duties immediately.


Mutebile was yesterday quoted, “You should remember that the economy of this country was thrown into total chaos after the last elections allegedly because central bank had printed a lot of money to finance the elections.”


“I was there as central bank governor. I didn’t participate whatsoever, but because there was some spending by government dependent on treasury bills which I was issuing, “I was financing government indirectly. But since we understood that, we have never done it again and I will not do it this time.”




Makindye Grade I Magistrate, ed George Watyekere has adjourned the hearing of Godfrey Muhirwa’s murder case to December 2nd.

This adjournment followed State Prosecutor, order Beatrice Odong’s request for court to fix the hearing at a further date so that prosecution gets enough time to finalize the ongoing investigations.

Prosecution alleges that on October 15th, Muhirwa, a motor spare dealer, while at his business premises in Ndeeba, shot three people and the two namely Muhamad Kiwana and Deo Jaaya died on the spot while the third, Matiya Kikaya was hospitalized at Mulago Hospital with serious injuries but also passed away a week ago.


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