Mugumya Arrest: FDC Piles More Pressure On Gov’t, UPDF

Following reports that the DRC embassy in Kampala had denied having knowledge of the arrest and detention of Sam Mugumya, sales cost FDC youths have piled more pressure on both the army and government to produce their member.

Speaking during  a prayer service for  their member at St. Luke’s Church in Ntinda, this Kampala the youth led by Francis Mwijukye  erred government  for what they called lies about the state and whereabouts of Mugumya stressing that they will use all possible means to find out where he is.

“At first they claimed he had been arrested by the DRC government. The DRC yesterday (Tuesday) denied having him. We now demand explanations and answers from the government of Uganda about his whereabouts, ”Mwijukye said in an interview with ChimpReports.

“The state of affairs puts Mugumya’s safety at risk and therefore this calls for everyone’s involvement in the search because his friends and relatives are worried about his life. We demand clarification from the army spokesperson on whether our friend is still alive and if possible how to access him,” he added.

Army spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda last week told ChimpReports that former FDC President Dr. Kizza Besigye top aide Sam Mugumya had been arrested and detained by the DRC government for subversive activities.

Ankunda however said UPDF should not be blamed for the delay in producing Mugumya in court, saying “He was arrested by DRC forces and not UPDF”.

Last week, former FDC President, Dr. Kizza Besigye revealed he feared he would be linked to the ‘Mugumya rebel group’ adding that this is not a criminal but political case.

“This is not a criminal but highly political case due to impending elections and it will be used to intimidate those vying for power. It’s a fresh plot to create a rebel group and associate us with it,” Besigye told journalists at IPC Headquarters in Katonga, Nakasero in Kampala.


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