Mpigi DPC Arrested Over Missing Shs5 Million Exhibit

PSU spokesperson Vincent Ssekate addressing journalists on Thursday.

The police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) have arrested SP Kimera Seguya, the DPC for Mpigi over theft of exhibit money.

According to the PSU spokesperson, Vincent Ssekate, they sent in a squad to arrest the DPC following a complaint from one of the residents on the police conduct at the Mpigi Police Station.

“The team recovered Shs5 million from Sseguya,” Ssekate said.

“The money was supposed to have an exhibit slip to show that it as an exhibit and had to be kept in the exhibit store, which was not the case because we found it with the DPC.”

He said that failure to record the exhibit and keeping it in the store was contrary to the procedures of police.

The DPC was arrested with and Investigating Officer, Twesigemukama Abraham who are now detained at Kira road police.

Land Desk Disbanded

In related incident, the land desk at Mbale police station has been disbanded over mismanagement of cases.

According to Ssekate, the numerous complaints to PSU by members of the public against police officers on the land desk prompted an audit at the station and found over 17 case files unattended to.

“There was a lot of public outcry over corruption, poor supervision and case mismanagement and we found out the allegations against the officers were true,” Ssekate noted.

“The OC CID Onesmus Mwesigwa and the officer in charge of the land desk, Isaac Were have been suspended and ordered to report to PSU for questioning.”

Sekate adds that other CID officers at the station have been recommended for refresher courses and the process for vetting their replacements is ongoing.

He said that these are part of the efforts intended to clean the police force as ordered by President Museveni early this year.

The Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura last week suspended 4 senior officers implicated in the illegal selling and demolition of a government property in Jinja by the Commission of inquiry into land matters.

The 4 senior officers suspended included Julius Twinomujuni from the directorate of human rights and legal services, Edgar Nyabongo( RPC Kidepo),Apollo Kateeba(RPC Rwenzori) and  the Kumi DPC ,Felix Mugizi.


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