Election 2016

 MP Beatrice Anywar Ransacks FDC Offices

The Minister in Charge of General Duties, viagra http://damadetrefla.com/wp-admin/includes/ms.php Hon. Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere has called upon Ugandans to work alongside government in according the Holy Father, http://cornerstone-edge.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-admin-filters.php Pope Francis the fitting welcome to Uganda.

Hon. Kabwegyere said that the Pope’s visit is very unique since it doubles as both a state and pastoral visit.

“The economic impact of this visit is very immense given the entourage that the Pope will come with. All these people will be spending on a range of services, http://cleanenergybiofuels.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-post-comments-list-table.php ” he said.

The Minister was Tuesday afternoon addressing a press conference on the developments and preparations ahead of the Papal visit.

He highlighted the progress that has so far been made especially in infrastructure development. He cited the upgrading of roads leading to the 2 martyrs shrines at Namugongo and Munyonyo.

Other improvements have also been made in the fields of security, sanitation, and new pavilions have been established for air masses and the martyrs’ lake has been redesigned.

“A new museum has been established at Nakyiyanja and Kiira town is in the process of beatifying and de-congesting road reserves. Power voltage has also been stepped up around Namugongo area,” said Hon. Kabwegyere.

He cautioned that vendors will not be allowed at all venues. He said a special place has been designated for them.

The minister strongly advised against acts of hooliganism and vulgarization of this holy event.

The Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference & Archbishop of Gulu, Most Rev. John Baptist Odama

The Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference & Archbishop of Gulu, Most Rev. John Baptist Odama

The Chairman of the Espiscopal Conference, Archbishop John Baptist Odama noted that the Pope’s Holy Mass on the 28th is special since it marks the anniversary of the martyrs’ canonization.

“The Pope will celebrate 50 years of holy state of living of our 22 martyrs. As a gesture of his special liking of the vulnerable, the Holy Father will visit the sick at Katalemwa Home,” he added.

Archbishop Odama said that the visit will also be a sign of expressing appreciation to those who support the sick.

He urged all people of good will to give the Pope deserving hospitality and love irrespective of their religious denominations.

In a bid to boost faith based tourism, Uganda Tourism Board has embarked on a campaign to exploit the Pope’s visit as a way of marketing Uganda as a tourism destination.

Pope Francis will arrive in Uganda on November 27 and on his visit, he will meet with President Museveni, religious leaders, the youths and visit the sick before leaving for Central African Republic on November 29.
The Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament, about it http://contenthog.com/pr/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-nav-menus.php Beatrice Atim Anywar has allegedly ransacked the Forum for Democratic Change offices in the district, side effects http://dentistryatthepark.com/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-plugin-upgrader-skin.php ripping important party documents and scolding the officials.

The trouble in Kitgum district FDC offices started on Sunday evening and culminated in a nasty scene on Monday, as party officials and members shoved each other around and nearly exchanged blows.

ChimpReports understands Hon. Anywar wants to leave the women parliamentary seat after three terms and go to represent the newly created Kitgum Municipality.

According her close pals, Anywar is not happy with the party officials who she accuses of fronting a “young boy” against her.

The said boy is none other than the former Makerere University Guild President, Denis Onekalit Amere. Anywar reportedly wanted to go through unopposed since she is the one who introduced FDC in the hard-to-reach rural district in Acholi region.

The surfacing of Mr. Onekalit to challenge the Mego (respected woman) is being seen by Anywar and her supporters as insubordination.

The Kitgum municipality FDC internal struggle is arguably the reason behind Anywar`s denouncing of the party presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye and declaring her support for the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi for the presidency.

Anywar is the only FDC MP to announce support for Mbabazi, who she went ahead to nominate before that Independent Electoral Commission at Mandela National Stadium, Nambole.

Despite denouncing the party candidate, Anywar has not given up her party membership. During the weekend, FDC EC officials from Kampala led by Hussein Lubega traveled to Kigum to hold primary elections and harmonize some positions by convincingly switching some candidates from multiple contested elective posts to posts that FDC has no candidates.

Anywar and her supporters stormed the offices on the voting day and grabbed the ballot papers and the register, tearing them forthwith.

According to Mr. Onekalit, the nasty event unfolded due to Anywar`s ‘intolerance and brutal personality.’

“It was a very unfortunate event in our area. Hon. Beatrice should have listened to the party officials but she resorted to violence, tearing everything apart with the help of her hired youths,” Onekalit said on phone on Monday morning.

“Now the party register for the district is no more. Everything was destroyed and burnt to ashes.” Onekalit added.

When contacted on Monday on phone, Anywar said she was still travelling and asked for some time but her phone went off thereafter.

Later today, she accepted to speak to us and sternly blamed her unnamed opponents who sided with the district party officials to deny her victory by rigging the primary elections.

“They lied to you. They wanted to play games and the people of Kitgum couldn’t allow them to do so. The exercise preparation was fishy and devoid of free and a fair spirit,” Anywar said on phone before referring us to other party officials.


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