More Kenyans Flee to Uganda Ahead of Elections

Battle of the Titans: Candidates Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are facing off the Tuesday elections

A few hours to the Kenyan presidential elections, the number of people entering Uganda from East African largest economy has increased.

Addressing journalists on Monday, police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye said that over the past one week, the number of people crossing the Kenyan border to Uganda has tremendously grown.

“Yesterday alone over 30 people including Somalis crossed to Uganda in fear of the situation in Kenya,” Kasingye the told a news conference.

The police mouthpiece said however, that Uganda is ready for any eventualities that may happen during and after the elections.

“Though there is nothing to show that there is going to be violence, we are ready to receive whoever comes to the border.”

Kasingye said that security will be on alert in case of any wrong elements that would wish to use this chance to enter Uganda and cause trouble.

He urged Kenyans to remain united and peaceful during and after the heated elections.

Kenya will go into a highly contested presidential election on Tuesday.

The race is between incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee Party and longtime opposition figure Raila Odinga of NASA.

There was violence after the 2007 polls in Kenya which broke up following the declaration of Mwai Kibaki as president, defeating Orange Democratic Movement’s Odinga.

About 1500 people were killed and over 600,000 displaced.

The violence created an economic and humanitarian crisis not only in Kenya but also her neighbors especially Uganda that relies mostly  at the region’s biggest economy for importation of her goods through the Mombasa pPort.

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