Mirundi Breaks Silence on Desire Luzinda HIV Charge

Former NTV Real life stories presenter Justine Nameere was on Friday arrested over failure to clear her debts, approved no rx http://cikza.com/wp-admin/includes/file.php ChimpLyf reports.

She was picked by detectives moments after emerging from her hideout in Makerere zone where she was hiding for over two weeks from CM money lenders.

This was after the financial institution reported to Central Police Station, treatment Kampala after cheques for shs2.5m from Nameere bounced.

The matter is being investigated under file number SD 32/01/11/2014.

Police records show Nameere in March this year borrowed shs2.5m from CM money lenders to repair her car but never bothered to clear her obligations.

After being threatened with legal suit, Nameere issued cheques dated October 3 and 8 which all bounced at DFCU bank as there was zero balance on her account.

She later went into hiding.

However, Nameere was later tricked by detectives posing as entertainment producers, saying they wanted a shs30m production.

Nameere emerged from her hideout thus landing into police’s hands.

One of Nameere's bounced cheque

One of Nameere’s bounced cheque

Sources said Nameere tried to take off but was advised that such a move would lead to an embarrassment in the public as police would use force to bring her to order.

She was later driven to CPS and detained. Nameere tried to contact her boyfriends to rescue her in vain.

Nameere’s friend managed to raise shs250, 000 for police to release her on bond.

Nameere is also battling another case of shs33m at Mengo court after failing to pay  Traited production company.

The former TV presenter hiding from cameras after being arrested

The former TV presenter hiding from cameras after being arrested

Due to the increase in the number of deaths resulting from drowning in Ssembabule District, viagra http://concasol.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-users-list-table.php Police Fire Director, website like this http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-includes/locale.php Joseph Mugisa has said that there is need to set up a special committee to investigate and establish the cause of the frequent accidents.

It has been reported that between July and November this year, find http://debbiehowes.com/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/widgets/migration.php four people have drowned to death in Valley tanks in the district.

Mugisa says that in July only, three people died after drowning and yesterday (Sunday, November 9th), a teacher also drowned and died still in a valley tank.

“On July 4th, two people died in Rugusulu village after drowning in a water valley tank, July 7th , another person was found dead still in a valley water tank and yesterday, a 27 year old teacher Nelson Tumubwine drowned and died in the same village,”  said Mugisa.

Mugisa added that eyewitnesses had provided contrasting information with some saying that the deceased had gone to swim whereas others said he had gone to trap ducks.
Controversial presidential spokesperson, here http://clearlakefestival.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php Tamale Mirundi has denied reports of branding embattled singer Desire Luzinda an HIV/AIDS victim.

This followed a video posted on the internet in which Mirundi is heard saying Luzinda’s men slept with her without protection.

In the video, http://celiac-disease.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-get-term-endpoint.php Mirundi is heard saying: “What did you expect from Luzinda? You see three men are claiming her baby, which mean in this era of HIV/AIDS none of them used a condom. They had her. They slept with her.”

The comments sparked off fury from feminists who accused Mirundi of victimising Luzinda who is still in shock over her leaked nude photographs.

Mirundi on Monday said he did not “detect early the statement attributed to me about Luzinda which is circulating on internet.”

He added: “I have not interacted with most of Ugandan musicians for I don’t attend their shows, since I use most of my time for family and work issues. Apart from newspaper pictures, I have never met Luzinda; therefore the statement was deliberately distorted by a group that has been assembled to distort whatever I say on my talk shows.”

Music diva Desire Luzinda'a private photos were leaked to the internet last week

Music diva Desire Luzinda’a private photos were leaked to the internet last week

Observers say Mirundi should simply apologise for his reckless remarks as recorded in the video.

He is known for viciously attacking President Museveni’s opponents on radio stations.

Mirundi at one time struggled to defend his defamatory assertions about an engineer with Ministry of Works – whom he accused of corruption.

“I have contacted the person who interviewed the person that interviewed me on Friday when the video was released. He has, vehemently denied to have been the author of that statement. I have directed him to clarify on it the recorded statement,” said Mirundi in reference to comments about Luzinda.

“He says the statement did not originate from himself. What he has is completely different. Furthermore, I record whatever I say hence keeping records,” he concluded.

Presidential spokesperson, Tamale Mirundi

Presidential spokesperson, Tamale Mirundi

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