Minister Byandala Assaults Female Journalist at Court

Minister Abraham Byandala at the Anti Corruption Court on Wednesday

Minister without Portfolio Eng. Abraham Byandala who is accused together with six others of misappropriating Shs 25 billion while still at the Works Ministry, visit this site has added assault on his list of charges.

Byandala today appeared at the Kololo Anti Corruption Court for the hearing of the case where he is accused of misusing government money meant of the construction of the Mukono-Kyetume-Katosi Road.

The session however turned chaotic, about it as the Minister accosted some of the journalists that were covering the event.

Byandala pounced on Judith Naluggwa, mind a journalist reporting for Bukedde TV and punched her in the lower abdomen in the full glare of the cameras.

Bukedde TV reporter Judith Naluggwa who was punched by the Minister

Bukedde TV reporter Judith Naluggwa who was punched by the Minister

Before the ugly incident, Minister Byandala who is known to be unfriendly with the media first exchanged with NTV reporter Sudhir Byaruhanga accusing him of negative reporting.

The tempers seemed to subside momentarily, but after the court session to the surprise of reporters, the Minister while walking out, cornered the Bukedde reporter and punched her hard in the lower abdomen.

The reason for the Minister’s behavior was unclear, but he was heard questioning why she trained her camera on him.

“Some of the reporters and court attendants bitterly condemned the action; “It’s a shame for a man of his caliber to fight a defenseless lady who is doing nothing else but her job,” remarked one of the reporters.

The Minister was unapologetic as he quickly jumped into his vehicle and disappeared.

The assaulted journalist has opened up a case against the Minister at Jinja Road Police station under the file number SD35 23 03 2016.


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