Middle East Consultants Clarify on Benghazi Security; Set to Take Medical Personnel

Gordon Mugyenyi (arms crossed) during the visit to Benghazi

By Amon Baita

The Managing Director of Middle East Consultants Limited, Gordon Mugenyi has dispelled rumors indicating that the security and working conditions in Libya are not safe.

This was revealed in a new report set to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour which contains the fact-finding assessment of Libya’s security status as was demanded by the Ministry before the company can be Okayed for deployment.

Middle East Consultants was given a deal to supply Medical practitioners to Benghazi Medical Centre.

In an exclusive interview at his office at Muyenga, Mugyenyi revealed that “we had already interviewed applicants who are now awaiting feedback from us.”

The Libyan government was supposed to secure Visas to Middle East Consultants, but the Ministry Of Labour, Gender and Social Development denied the approval, saying that the security situation in Libya was wanting.

Mugenyi said the Ministry tasked them to first assess the security situation and the general working conditions of workers in Benghazi before they deploy medical personnel to Benghazi medical Centre.

“It’s for this very reason that on the August 8, 2017, the Board of Directors of Middle East Consultants Limited together with other officials took a guided fact-finding trip to Benghazi Libya which saw them spend there over 5 vigorous working days only to return on the 10th/08/2017,” he said.

He added: “This report therefore is in respect to the teams facts finding mission in Libya regarding the security situation in the City of Benghazi, the working conditions of health personnel in Benghazi Medical Centre, labour export/import laws in Libya as a country.”

A concrete working relationship with the line Ministry and the hospital which requested manpower from the recruiting agency was established, according to the director.

He further argues that the trip was necessitated after the company received a job from the employer dated May 4, 2017 requesting for recruitment of medical workers for varying medical fields to work in Benghazi Medical Centre.

A Memorandum of Understanding would be signed between the two parties.

Middle East Consultants Limited as a company, Mugyenyi said, had for a period of time instituted rules and regulations that aimed at safe guarding every individual exported for any foreign job.

And among the many rules, he added was proper and deliberate background check as regards the organization/company, the country and general working conditions where our recruits are to be deployed.

“It is upon this background therefore that we had to take this important trip before we could officially deploy Ugandans in Benghazi-Libya,” he noted.

“And as we submit our report to our line ministry in Uganda, we have attached different activity photos and videos to re-emphaise our engagements.”

Objective of the Mission

The objective of the mission was to access the security situation and general working conditions of workers in Benghazi Medical Centre.

Reception by the host country

The mission team was warmly welcomed by the management of Benghazi medical Centre.

They were effectively introduced to the Governor of Benghazi City, Abdarahman Alabbar who is head of city security who reports directly to the General Head of Libyan Arab Armed Forces that are directly under the command of Marchal Khalifa Hifier.

Agreed on facts by the two parties

They both furnished each other with legal statutory documents that mandate us to operate as an external labour recruiting agency in Uganda on our part and as a Medical facility on their part in Libya.

“Having satisfied us regarding their potentiality as employers, we reduced evidence to the fact that we had already recruited suitable manpower to meet their medical job requirements as per the demand letter which they had generated to us,” Mugyenyi said.

Both parties agreed on eight facts and they include;

  1. The employer takes the mission team on a guided tour of the entire Benghazi Medical Hospital departments within which our recruited personnel are to work to ascertain the working conditions and facility viability as far as medical standards are concerned. And this was done effectively.
  2. The employer takes the mission team on a guided tour of where the workers will be accommodated throughout their tenure of service at the medical facility to ascertain the safety and welfare of the personnel once they are deployed. And this was done.
  3. The employer introduces the mission team to the line labour ministry of Libya, the Ministry of Health, the security and local government officials that are in charge of Benghazi city to ascertain the security of both life and work of the personnel once they are deployed. And it was also done.
  4. That the employer introduces the mission team to Tropical Bank where the deployed workers will be receiving their salaries so as to ascertain whether all necessary arrangements have been finalized with the bank for effective salary payments. And this was done.
  5. That when they start deployments, the employer shall grant the recruiting company on site periodic visits to the workers they will have provided. And this was agreed upon.
  6. That the recruited workers must sign a two years job contract before they leave Uganda. And this was agreed upon.
  7. That the contract to be signed must be generated by the employer and must spell out clearly the working conditions and renumeration/entitlements of every worker. And this was agreed upon.
  8. That the job contract laws and Uganda’s labour laws and With International labour standards like insurance policies, no torture and human rights observation at all times.

Findings by the visiting team

The team found that actually the fears concerning unsafe work environment that is thought of in Libya Benghazi in particular is just a hoax. Benghazi Medical Centre is safe and secured by the authorities in power.

They also found that its true as far as need for medical personnel is concerned and this is what prompted the authorities to source for man power externally. This was evidenced by the overwhelming number of patients the hospital is hosting by far out numbers the available medical staff.


Mugyenyi explained that they managed to work with the chamber of Commerce through its President and the Libyan Ministry of Labour for other job opportunities for Ugandans and they were encouraged to take up other contracts to supply labour mostly in line with the teaching staff, construction workers and the transport industry.

The personal engagement across board was particularly of great achievement since it built more confidence between all parties involved in this transition.

Going forward

As the visiting mission team, on behalf and on behalf of the entire Middle East Consultants Company, do recommend that Uganda ably takes up job opportunities that are available in Libya mostly brought about by the fact that the country needs rebuilding after having suffered devastating wars in the past.

It’s from this recommendation that they would like to call upon the Ugandan line ministry of Labour as it has always done in other countries where they deploy workers to join hands with them to effectively exploit the massive Libyan labour market to the benefit of Ugandans.


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