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Men in Army Uniform Rob Lugazi Family at Gunpoint

Forum for the Democratic change (FDC) supporters on Friday attacked the Mbarara Police Station demanding the immediate release of their colleagues that were arrested during elections.

Some of the FDC supporters and candidates who were arrested on 23rd February 2016, cheapest had never been tried.

Among the arrested 15 FDC supporters, 11 were released on the very day of arrest while 4 had been reeling in detention till yesterday.

FDC supporters celebrating after rescuing their colleagues from detention

FDC supporters celebrating after rescuing their colleagues from detention

Those in detention included Abdulkarim Yassini, Vicent Musiime, Mutatina Jim, and Turyashaba Erick.

Vincent Musiime told journalists upon release that they were moved to Kireka police station in Kampala where they spent 2 days before being taken to Nashuri for 12 days. They were later taken to Lyantonde police station and then returned to Mbarara.

Vicent Musiime says they were moved to different detention centers

Vicent Musiime says they were moved to different detention centers

Vincent said that they were tied, both legs and hands, and also blind folded during transportation.

Vincent was aspiring for the Nyamitanga LC IV councilor post, but never took part in the election.

“I wonder why we were given a police bond, when no case has been opened against us,” he said.

He noted however, that in the police cells they were not tortured.

Mbarara District FDC Chairman Stanley Katembeya grieved as the party supporters were being released.

Heavy deployment at Mbarara police station blocking FDC supporters

He said that all this while he has been taking care of the families of the arrested.

Upon being released at around 5pm on Friday, the group was joined by other party supporters and marched in celebration on the streets of Mbarara.

The area police mouthpiece Vincent Ssekate said that the group was arrested for general inquiries, having received information that they were plotting a terror attack on the municipality.

Police has started investigating a robbery that took place yesterday 11th March 2016 where Ali Mubarak, price 54, a businessman based in Lugazi town dealing in general merchandise was attacked and robbed of Shs. 10million.

Two thugs armed armed with  pistols and dressed in military uniform reportedly waylaid him near the gate at his residence as he returned from work, ordered him to open his gate, dragged him inside the house where all his family was put at gun point.

Here they asked him to hand them all the money in the house, threatening to kill him and his family if he didn’t.

Ali told police that he drew Shs.10 million and handed it to them. They also took 6 mobile phones and jewelry and escaped with the bag containing the loot.

According to the Uganda Police deputy police spokesperson, the robbers were also in possession teargas canisters and knives.

Police visited the scene, recovered a pair of pliers, a dark blue jacket and dark glasses and are all exhibited at Lugazi police station as investigations to find the assailants carry on.



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