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Mbabazi: Why I Went to the Supreme Court

Defeated Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi has revealed he chose to petition the Supreme Court over the outcome of the February 18 elections alleging the “the election offences by candidate Yoweri Museveni and his agents grossly undermined the electoral processes.”

Mbabazi said the malpractices include voter bribery, buy buy http://ccalliance.org/blog/wp-includes/kses.php threats of violence, http://cycling.today/wp-includes/class-wp-query.php abusive language, arbitrary arrests of candidates and supporters of opponents as well as, forced disappearances among others.

“These were widely reported and our evidence collected so far attests to the same. All these contravene the Presidential Elections Act,” said the former Prime Minister in a statement on Tuesday night.

Mbabazi served in high profile positions in government until he was sacked in 2013 by president Museveni.

It was said then that Mbabazi was forming cliques to undermine his party chairman and eventually remove him from power.

In the recent elections, Mbabazi failed to score 2 percent of the total tallied votes.

Mbabazi’s lawyers led by Severino Twinobusingye yesterday filed their petition in the Supreme Court at 5:10pm. Courts usually close shop at 4:00pm.

The election petition is against Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as the First Respondent and The Electoral Commission as the Second Respondent.


Mbabazi said the Electoral Commission, on the other hand, did not conduct the election in compliance with the principles laid down in the Presidential Election Act 2005 and of the Electoral Commission Act.

“On the basis of the broad issues and grounds mentioned, I have submitted my petition imploring the Supreme Court to annul the presidential election. The offences committed by candidate Museveni and the non-compliance with the law by the Electoral Commission, in my view, had a substantial effect on the final outcome,” said the former Attorney General.

“Our petition is supported by very clear and credible evidence that has been scrutinised by a team of legal experts to prove that this election was fundamentally flawed. I have faith that the honourable court is competent and independent enough to deliver a fair judgement within the stipulated 30 days,” he added.

The Supreme Court is expected to pronounce itself on whether it will hear the petition.

Mbabazi said this case is “not just about me but about the injustices perpetrated during this election in an effort to wholly undermine democracy and rule of law in this country. This case is not about the outcome but more about the processes that led to the election outcome.”

This is the third time the highest court in the land will be hearing a presidential election petition. Attempts to overturn the outcome of the 2001 and 2006 elections by Dr Besigye’s lawyers did not bear fruit.


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