Mbabazi Supporters Blocked at Ntungamo NRM Meeting

Pandemonium broke out at the Ntungamo District Council Hall this week when over 50 NRM delegates who had turned up for the party delegates’ meeting were refused entry, there health http://city-zen.info/components/com_k2/models/item.php Chimp Corps report.

The function was called to develop a common position on whether to support the proposed NRM Constitution amendments granting the party chairman powers to appoint a Secretary General.

The Dec. National Delegates’ Conference at Namboole is expected to officially mark the end of Amama Mbabazi’s reign as Secretary General over his alleged presidential ambitions.

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This website understands heads of sub-county NRM leagues including the elderly, information pills youth, visit this site women and leaders from Municipality and divisions were among the Ntungamo NRM district delegates who were disallowed.

Silver Mwebaze the Youth League Chairperson for Nyakyera Sub-County, who was among the dismissed officials, said it was a “humiliation to us because while we were invited to participate in the meetings, we never found our names on the list of participants.”

He added: “I was called to attend the meeting only to be told on that day that I should not come. I don’t stay in Ntungamo and I had suspended everything I was doing to come for the meeting, wasted transport… I don’t know why. I think I am a delegate because I also was at Namboole in 2010. And in a any case I don’t know why did they invited me,” charged Mwebaze.

The NRM Administrative Secretary Johnson Nkirirehi, however, said most people who turned up were not invited but had thought they would participate in the deliberations “simply because they had been invited by Amama Mbabazi in the 2010 national delegate’s conference.  That is why they were never allowed in.”

The district NRM Chairperson, also Kajara County MP Steven Tashobya, said the delegates had been erroneously invited by the administrative secretary and Resident District Commissioner Fred Bamwiine who had been given authority to invite delegates which he said was “regrettable.”

“It was regrettable that some members were sent away. I invited no one myself and this was a job for the NRM administrative secretary and the RDC, most of them were not supposed to be in the meeting we do not know how they were informed,” Tashobya added.

Bamwine distanced himself from the mess saying his only role was to invite the delegates but the list had been provided by the administrative secretary.

The meeting moderated by Minister for presidency Mr. Frank Tumwebaze was attended by Members of parliament Janet Museveni – Ruhaama and chaired by Steven Tashobya- Kajara.

Other members who attended the function were Mwesigwa Rukutana- Rushenyi and Yona Musinguzi Ntungamo municipality, district chairperson and council members, NRM heads for sub counties and municipality and district NRM executive.

By Dan Mugume


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